Mother Dearest


Mother Dearest

September 16th, 2008
A miracle happened
I found my biological mother
It was the greatest day
That i will remember for ever

At about 1 in the morning
Your son and my brother who i found that day as well
Picked me up and they took me to go meet you
The first time i saw you i gave you a hug and said hi
I didnt know what else to say cause it was like the cat had my tounge
I was speechless
Seeing you for the first time was amazing
I always wanted to know what you looked like and to meet you
You were beautiful
You were my mom

It didnt hit me that I found you until i got home from visiting you
That is when i broke down in tears
I was happy i found you mom
It felt like a piece of my heart wasnt missing anymore
It was my dream to find you
I didnt want to go to sleep that night
Cause i thought i was going to wake up and it was going to be a dream

But i woke up the next morning and it wasnt it was real
You were real
I was so happy to have you in my life
You took me in and put a roof over my head
When things started to go wrong with Mark

To this day we have been inseperable
Unless you have to go to work or we are sleeping
But other than that we are always hanging out together
Having fun watching tv laughing and torturing each other
Who would want it any other way

Sometimes i still feel like it is all a dream and i am going to wake up and your going to be gone
But you never are and its amazing
I am so happy that i met you and that we are as close as we are

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