mousy mouse


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  • Hello fellow poets. I am originally from a very small very remote town in the woods of northern Maine.The town had a population of 560 souls.I was brought up( in what some would consider to be) abject poverty.If I was I never knew it. Simply due to the fact that everyone around me was in the same "boat".I have been writing from my teens. I enjoy the woods to this day. I hunt fish and hike whenever possible.And through the years I've learned that there is a God and that I'm not it. "SLIM"

mousy mouse

   Mousy was a little mouse. He had a mousy tail.
 and Mousy had a giant friend named
Francis.Who's a whale.
  Now you might wonder how a mouse
could be friends with a whale.
Well Mousy mouse was a mouse
but he knew how to sail!

For Mousy was born on a sailing ship
far far out at sea,
and having been born a sailor,
what else could he be?

The sailing ship was a mighty one
with sails tall and white
and Mousy would stand on deck
and watch the stars at night.

Now Francis was a great big whale
and came up once for air
he looked up at the sailing ship
and saw Mousy standing there.

"Hi there little mouse,ahoy!"
Francis called up from the sea.
"The waters great this time of night,
come down and swim with me!"

"I'd love to swim with you great whale!
Mousy shouted out with glee.
"My name sir, is Mousy Mouse"
"And what might your name be?"

"My name is Francis. Francis whale Write!"
"And now that you and I are friends,
come swim with me tonight!"

"And so I shall!" Cried Mousy.
And he dove into the sea.
They swam around for hours!
It was quite a sight to see!

They swam and swam and swam some more.
Till Mousy finally said,
"I really should get back on board,
for I must go to bed!"

Then Francis sighed a little sigh
and said,"I understand."
"But your down here while the decks up there!
"I best give you a hand."

So he sat little Mousey upon his giant tail
gave it just a little flip
and through the air mouse sailed.

Mousey landed on the deck
as easy as could be.
"Thank you!" cryed out Mouse for swimming round with me!"

Francis said "thats quite all right!"
we must swim again someday!"
And thats how they became friends
and still are to this day!


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ginga commented on mousy mouse


Slim, I love this tale of the mouse and the whale. very enchanting! ginga

WordSlinger commented on mousy mouse


Awesome, lol, it's hard to write poetry like this, you did a great job, 10 from me...WS



Thank you w.s. I really appreaceate your comments and value your opinions. "SLIM"

ationel commented on mousy mouse


very nice!!! whimsical and moral, wrapped up in one sweet and salty sail!

mistynites26 commented on mousy mouse


cute little tale daughter and I loved it.



thank you so much! I,m off to read some of yours

nonners commented on mousy mouse


very cute n well written im sure kids love it! great job!



thanks for reading! hope you can land a job!!!

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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