Mr. Big Bad Wolf


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This is a Lyrical rewrite of "Lil' Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Well, more like a response.

STORY/BACKGROUND: "Lil' Red Riding Hood" has always been among my favorite "just-for-fun" songs, but it's from the Big Bad Wolf's perspective, and I'm a chick. So Spence suggested I make a rewrite. So I decided to make Little Red Riding Hood's response to the Big Bad Wolf.

Mr. Big Bad Wolf

What's that you see walkin' in these woods?
Yes, it is Little Red Riding Hood!

Heya, there, Mr. Big Bad Wolf 
I been here long enough
You’re all little red riding hood could want!

Listen to me

I know, Big, Bad wolf
You don't think little big girls should
Go walkin' in these spooky ol' woods alone.

What a big wolf you are,
To make this little girl feel so good
So I’ll make you see: I’d like a chase

I been walkin’ out here for quite a ways.
What strong arms you have,
They make me want somethin’ “bad”
So until we get to Grandma's place,
I think we ought to walk awhile, and say!

You take that sheep suit off!
I know you got somethin’ to show
So, why don’t you come walking with me alone?

Hey, Mr. Big, Bad Wolf
I'd like to hold you if I could,
But you don’t think I like big, bad wolves, so I won’t

What a big heart you have,
The better to love me with.
Hey, Mr. Big, Bad Wolf!
Yes, bad wolves can be good.
I’ll make you satisfied
with you close by my side!
Maybe you'll see things my way
before we get to Grandma's place.

Hey, Mr. Big, Bad Wolf,
You sure are lookin' good,
You’re everything a little big girl could want!

Why go baaaaa, baaaaaa? baaaaa.....

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WingedWolf commented on Mr. Big Bad Wolf


This one made me lol. these lyric could easily be replaced and still sound amazing!

Musicmynded1 commented on Mr. Big Bad Wolf


Very nice super... lovin the emotions that its giving... cha.. totally.

MindNumbing commented on Mr. Big Bad Wolf


I love this!! So well worded and I was singing along as I read it :) The family and I went to Memphis a couple months ago and visited the Rock n' Soul Museum. They have Sam's old Indian motorcycle hanging from the ceiling and I thought that the THE coolest thing in the whole place ;) I appreciate this so much, thank you for sharing!

Madelynn commented on Mr. Big Bad Wolf


LOL!! Are you suuuure your talkin' about a wolf here?- hmmm- does this wolf have looong brown hair, and eat cereal by any chance.. lol! This is absolutely a treat to any reader! This is MORE entertaining then the song, and let me tell ya- thats one of my favorite jams! You are completely adorable, and one hell of alil writer! very cool- Maddi

RPT40 commented on Mr. Big Bad Wolf


Very nice job!! You do the song, and your talent justice with this great rewrite.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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