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I wrote this last semester for an oral interpretation class.  It is a fight I have with myself often.


I wallow in a grief so absolute; I don’t know what happiness is.  I don’t even remember being happy.  It’s sad, no one knows, no one cares but me.  How can you expect me to get over it?  It’s such a big part of my life.  And besides, with it, I have my own dark muse constantly at my side.   I don’t want to send my muse away.  If I did, I’d be lost and completely alone.  I love my muse, it helps me inspire, dishearten, amuse, and destroy.  No, you can’t make me let go of my muse, it will always be by my side, whispering darkness in my ear and sending pangs to my heart when I’m too distracted to listen.


Keep whispering sweet muse; I will never let you down.  Keep terrifying sweet muse, stay by my side.  Keep saddening sweet muse, art through tears.  Keep destroying sweet muse, strength through hated heartbreak.  Don’t smile dark muse, happiness is over-rated.  Don’t inspire dark muse, people love tragic affairs.  Don’t laugh dark muse, it heals the breaks.  Don’t fix dark muse, I live off heartbreak.


Walk beside me in this dark, deserted, and broken world.  Feed off the despair of others.  Let it fill your mind and seep into your subconscious.  Mold it into a being then throw it at everyone.  Make them suffer with you, make them live your tragic life.  They deserve to be brought down off of their clouds and punished with tales of fear and pain.  Make them realize and accept the darkness of the world through your rants and raves.  Make them confront it head on and watch them squirm and their eyes die.  Watch their soul darken and their emotions bleed out.  Watch them become just like you.


We’re not so different after all.



Fight it.  End it.  Don’t let it take your soul.  Don’t succumb to the darkness, stay in the light.  Happiness, love, kindness and peace, keep them with you at all costs.  Banish the muse!  It will kill you from the inside out!  Don’t let the darkness seep into your very blood!  Reject the muse!  It will only bring about your tragic end!  Keep away muse!  I won’t let you take over my thoughts!  Be gone muse!  I won’t let you control me ever again!  I am my own person, I have my own thoughts.  I am not meant for tragedy, fear and despair.  I accept the light and the love.  I embrace the peace and joy!  I will be the heart for the heartless, the god for the godless.  Do not become like it, do not be the soulless any longer.  Banish the muse from your heart and mind, it can not control you.


We are different after all.

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If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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