Muses of the Past


Muses of the Past

I hoped beyond hope that we understood

on what precarious precipice we were standing

Revolving around each other

Shoulders paralleled

In that elegant, ancient lock

Waiting for the other to intentionally misstep and fall

Make that initial move that would lead to

the sequence of togetherness that cannot end


But uncertainty certainly lingered in the air


An indifferent gravity pulled us closer together

bending the space between us

slowing down time

We fought it less and less

As it pulled more and more

It seemed so natural

Accelerating towards some inevitable point

Closer and nearer until I slipped past the event horizon

But lucky you,

You escaped the timeless trap where only the dense survive

You must have sensed my fall

I could tell by your trembling legs

That you too desperately wanted to fall

But I could also tell

When you would bite your upper lip

And your eyes would avoid mine

That you would refuse to fall


So be it

On to another muse


But still I see them

And now you join them

Muses of the past

Thrice you had ice blue opals

Once, innocent brown corral

Glaring, glistening under water

But all

a mere reach beyond my escaping breath

I hope they drown;

I pray they can’t hold their breath forever

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If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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