My Armor is Faith


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    My Armor is Faith

    My armor faith
    Prayer my shield
    Hope my helm
    Love is my sword.

    protects a nobleman from Diablo's sight.
    After battle he repairs gashes from the fight.
    A knight doesn’t battle without suit of steel. 
    So not he weakened for what the morrow reveal.

    protects a man from despair and doubt.
    Arrows of evil rain upon him, he shouts.
    His shield is strength and bravery of God’s source.
    He raises shield of prayer and continues forth.

    This planet’s Hope proceeds from faith and prayer
    As does the Holy Spirit from Son and Creator.
    He forges into battle with shield, helm, and armor. 
    Then hope for the world will continue, not falter.

    With Christ’s sacrificial Love by his side,
    Not deterred by evil he will collide.
    What’s the purpose of life without love, his sword.
    If he is as the redeemer, the word, the Lord,
    He will help a soul reap the gold, God’s reward.

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    Charlie23 commented on My Armor is Faith


    A very well written poem! I liked that you wrote a stanza for each of the topics focused in on the first. Nicely done!



    Thank you :)

    Kaleidoscope commented on My Armor is Faith


    Like I said before" Your words speak for themselves!! Very Nice...I believe Our LORD is feeling quite loved and appreciated right now...I picture him with a big proud smile!! Thank You your a good son

    JLorian commented on My Armor is Faith


    Alas, like poetry, there are so very many paths. Peace. JL

    jesusfreake commented on My Armor is Faith


    u mix the three most important things about being a Christian into a beautiful and u write love down last as if ur pointing out that it is the most important weapon of this battle which is so true....i love the depth of this goes beyond words and ur wisdom is very much needed in this world as well...thank u for the blessing in this poem..!

    MarionYost commented on My Armor is Faith


    Good write, I'm still trying to sort some things out regarding "Faith". But. I do pray every night for guidance in my journey. As well as others who need it. thanks for sharing this. All the best.. -Marion-

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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