My Craft


My Craft

there, she sits

as sleek a craft as ever

i laid eyes upon,

lying there, naked to stars and sun,

gently rocking on the bed

she commands,

rising o’er hidden swells,

lowering to wait the next,


as I approach, she senses me,

turning slightly toward my

out stretched hand, seeming

to shiver, e’er slightly,

as I caress her beautiful curves,

plucking her taut lines,

murmuring ‘bout past

travels, and those to come,


oh, how she welcomes me,

urging my full engagement

with her dreams of coming ecstasy,

and i join her, casting off

for remembered lands

where dreams and passions run high

riding the e’er growing swells

as we reach for the far horizon,


and she trembles, as I

raise the sheets, seeking

the breath that drives, crescendos

crashing thru surge, undulations

marking our mastery of each

other, of the billowing seas,

and we race ‘round the promontory

where we crest, at once together,


to finally coast adrift

in the calm that follows,

to float serenely against the

silencing currents that ripple

still, thru her core, and i

resting against her yet heaving

side, brush my hand ethereally,

whispering my attentions, intentions,


and I feel her beseech me,

obsecrating, desirous of a

quick return, so that,

once again, we should share

the wonders, the heightened glory

of this, and past meetings,

as i return her to her moorings,

to gently dream, and hope, and plan.

(c) 1993 by c a gallagher
modified & (c) 2001 by c a gallagher
 modified and included in Brilliant Intentions
(c) 2009 by c a gallagher

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MarionYost commented on My Craft


Wow, This is amazing. Great write. Must've been a special person who inspired this one. All the best -Marion-



Actually, this wasritten o an image, not someone. It was inspired after reading ee cummings. Ii fell in love with his style. He, along with Lawrence Fehrlenghetti, and the great french poet - Baudelaire. I find great inspiration in ppl in general, and other poets, novelists, and artists. Words, images and life inspire the muse. Thx for reading my work. I wil continue to monitor yours. The SC connection is strong. Try reaching out to other influrnces in your life. For example, you are around some beautifu boies of water there in Anderson. Go out at sunrise and sunset - open yourheart and mind - then see what happens.

SilverGirl commented on My Craft


Most masterfully done. Wondrfully imagery. I am taken to two places as you write.. To a vessel and to an intimite encounter. Awesome job CA. If only I could write this beautifully! Hugs SG

1990lh commented on My Craft


wow that a really poem thought it was great full of love or should i say making it lol that was a joke hehehe. great job



Thank you very much for the commens and rating. As soon as I figure out how to your poems, I will return the favor.



If you noticed. I managed to find you and rated three of your poems. Keep up the good work.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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