My friend, my sister


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    • Desmotti
    • The wraith is but sadness in mortal form. It haunts to hunt, and hunts to feed. It cannot feed on any emotion. This is its pain. for emotion is not segregated it is fealt, and to feel is warmth.

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    Letter to a friend

    My friend, my sister

    I wished upon a billion stars I sent my wishes to all of them…When they arrived to find the void as dark as night and more then dim…
    My wishes tried to find just one…of heavens sparks to lay their claim…
    But after harsh reality hit them…my wishes vanished just the same. 

    I wait here patiently hoping in wonder…if maybe just one wish might find but one Star…
    No matter the wait I care patience… how long be its journey… nor distance…how far.
    Good wish...perhaps might send me whirling into joyous frenzy and give me good cause
    To throw away the evenings grays and count them all as portrait flaws.
    To look upon my world of beauty with eyes that shine and lifting desire…Perhaps to sit…and reminisce in some warming fire. 

    I know your world sis… sits on earth… in other parts of here and there…
    I no longer am the wall you bounce your thoughts off for I am gone from there.
    I see the picturesques they’re friendly photos of your travels distant…
    But sometimes….yes…just sometimes I wish…I was there just for an instant. 

    Traveling this way…and wandering back ways…cultured and privy to ancient highways…
    But travelers two are your loved one and you and for that my skies are the brightest of blues…
    We’re good and better than greatly the blessed…we’re poor and humble yet not all too stressed…
    My Stone my Jewel his Mother…my Glory…hope all is eternally happy…your story.




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    BabylonAlleged commented on My friend, my sister


    Here I am searching for you in his eyes is he you yet here u are too please let me be the 1 ur looming for because I know I finally found u in best form Your words are written in my soul in Indiana I await your company old friend forever to brother

    Altair commented on My friend, my sister


    Wow despence, how no one has come to read this is amazing...the manner in which you portray this ode, this testament to one you hold dear in loving distant closeness is favored indeed...very touching and comes forth as the proud letter that finds its way back tot he forest only to become familiar with a tree that recognizes its essence yet notices its change as well in welcoming it back to its true home, next to it

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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