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One day I received a cry for help from a distraught mother whose son happen to be in the county jail. She pleaded with me to help her son, she said alcohol was his problem and he desperately needed someone to help him. I've never turned down any one who had a sincere desire to quit, but Josh was a different story.

My Letter to Josh in the County Jail

My Letter to Josh

Dear Josh,
You don’t know me but I know a little bit about you from what I have heard from someone who loves you dearly. This person is so concerned about your unhappy lifestyle that she’d give all her earthly possessions and even her life, if it was necessary, just to see you happy and contented. I don’t know what time you’re facing in that cold and lonely place but I do know it gets worse every time you get picked up.
It’s apparent that your life has become unmanageable and if you don‘t seek help now most probably you‘ll reach the place of no return. Please listen to me because I have been where you are and I know what mental anguish you are going through.
It sounds like you desperately need a friend to communicate with some one to share your problems with and maybe help you in your time of need. I’d like to be that friend if you’ll let me.
I gather from what I’ve heard that most of your problems stem from your drinking. Believe me I know how much trouble that damn booze can cause. I was married to the bottle for ten long years. As a matter of fact I’ve more then likely done things much worse than you, things that I’ll regret for as long as I live.
I know what you are thinking Josh. “Who is this damn fool and what the hell does he want from me?” Maybe those are not the right words but I think they’re pretty close. Well I’m going to tell you who this damn fool is. Then if you don’t want me to be your friend you can tear this letter up and throw it away.
Nothing ventured something lost but nothing gained.
For ten long years I let alcohol take complete control of my very existence. I lived in what I now call the Gray World the world of alcohol and crime just this side of Death.
It took an act of God to turn my life around and give me the courage to return to the Real World. The world where sanity takes over and insanity is sometimes treated.
I know what it takes to be reborn and I want to share this knowledge with you because I know you are struggling to find your way back. I’ve made it my goal to help people just like you but you must be willing to try to regain a life of total sobriety.
Josh, if you haven’t torn my letter up already then I assume that you’ll accept me as a friend. Now that we are friends, buddy, let me be blunt. I expect a lot from my friends because they have a lot to give. By the same token I give a lot to my friends because I want them to be happy and successful.
Believe me Josh you can change your way of thinking and live a happy and normal life.
What I am offering is complete support and a definite pledge to help you cure yourself by using the same methods and techniques that I used. Believe me Josh they work. I’m doing this my friend because when I found my cure I promised my maker to help save the lives of people just like you.
Josh let us say that you have been able to quit using what ever you have been abusing for a few months and sadly returned to the same abusive nature. Let us also surmise that the urge for your substance of choice was so strong that deep down you knew you would return to alcohol or drugs. You could not face the day to day challenges. To cope you thought you really needed the drugs or the drink to handle your personal problems.
You really have the desire to quit for good but when you reach a certain point you just don’t know what to do. You’ve looked for answers but you haven’t been able to find the solution.
You also know that each time you quit your return to the same situation will get worse. Past experiences have made you aware that each time you start using again it becomes harder to quit and you know that in some point of time you won’t be able to quit.
After making all these conclusions the question remains.
“What am I going to do?
Well believe me Josh! That’s a good question? Because this is where a lot of abusers get stuck and this is why I want to be your friend and help. I have the solutions and I want to teach you how to use them.
Josh I wrote a book called Total Recovery when I made a promise to God some twenty years ago to help alcoholics cure themselves and live a happy, healthy life in the Real World without the fear of relapse. Total Recovery was the first thing that I ever wrote. Up until that time I couldn’t even write a letter but God inspired me through Divine Infinite Intelligence . You see I never didn’t get past the 6th grade in school so my English and grammar were poor but the content in the book was approved by God.
Recently I took my book off the bookshelves in Amazon and Barnes and Noble to edit and bring up to date. However the original is an eBook that can be found on this site and I want you to read it cover to cover. When you have done this my friend you will have taken the first step the will lead you to a normal life. You’ll never have to worry about ending up in jail again my friend because when I get through with you. Well when I get through you are going to be a model citizen. I know that down deep that is really what you want. Tell me I am wrong and you’ll never hear from me again.
Let us face the simple fact; quitting is the easiest part of recovery. Over a period of time you can become an expert on quitting. There are so many ways to quit that I could write a book on quitting. How about the time you are in jail, you’re not drinking now, or the time you spent in detox or a recovery center. The people who still care about you might even tie you up and lock you in a room. These things will all get you off whatever you've been on at least for a short period of time. The solution is to keep you off. And again that is where I’m willing to help.
Sincerely Your New Friend, Big Daddy Cash

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Hampton commented on My Letter to Josh


This is a well written letter full of empathy and sound advice for a potential friend that has strayed from the path of peace and sobriety.



Thank you Hampton you are a good friend and your comments mean a lot.

Bettysrainbow48 commented on My Letter to Josh


Where there is a will there is a way.You have got to want it first.Put your mind to it you can do it. You've got to want it bad enough. People can do it.Putting God first helps.Faith in yourself and God. Right? People have many bad habbits.



Josh never did accept my help. After he was released from jail he was responsible for killing a pedestrian, while drunk, in a hit and run accident, he is now serving 20 to life in the Utah State Prison..

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