My Love


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    My Love

    Day after day
    Night after night
    My emotions take a hold of me
    As I look at you
    I can’t help but feel
    You know I am alone
    You know I have no love
    As I look at you, I want to cry
    You showed me, what seems to be the world
    Yes I have been in love, many times
    But when I found someone like you
    It made me wonder about my past
    Wonder if what I felt, long before you
    Wondering if that was love
    For with you I feel more then I ever did
    Was I dead when I thought I was in love
    Or was it just not love at all
    You opened my eyes, now I can see the love
    I can feel everything I wanted to feel
    But yet again as I look at you
    I feel the loneliness and the pain again
    For we seem to have a problem
    One that I find I can’t fix
    If this is true love, it should not hurt
    As we both are in love with each other
    But as I told you over and over again
    I feel like we can never be together
    Yes we have never came face to face
    We do know how each other feels
    For I sit here and you sit there
    With nothing but the time we have
    For you say that time will tell
    You ask me to give you time
    As I give you time, do you not see the pain
    Do you not see I want to cry all the time
    For the time I give you, you may not see
    As time goes on, it is killing me
    Killing me to love you as I do
    Killing me to know I may never have you
    Why do we need to be so far apart
    Why does it have to hurt
    Don’t I have enough pain in my heart
    For we are so much apart, each side of the world
    I told you I didn’t want the love
    I told you I gave up on love
    But as you came into my life
    And told me you loved me and cared
    Something about your words that tore me apart
    Why am I opening up to love again
    When my mind is telling me no more hurt, no more pain
    I was in a part of my life I gave up on love
    I locked away my heart and lost the key
    For I didn’t want to love ever again
    But again as I look at you, wanting to cry
    You make me happy, but yet sad in the same way
    For I feel, see the love you give to me today
    Day after day, night after night
    I feel your emotions coming from your heart
    They fly in the air, for my heart to feel
    Why did you tell me you loved me
    Don’t you know that can cause so much pain
    I love you more then you will ever know
    As I sit here looking at you
    I am alone, sad, and in love with you
    All I want to do is cry, these emotions of mine
    I want nothing more then to die
    After I am dead would you still love me
    Would you still think of me
    As I sit here, hurting, crying and alone again
    Please kill me now and end the pain
    I want nothing more then to DIE

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    dixiemom commented on My Love


    wow I can relate simular to that very well written. and very deep emotions,thanks for sharing it with me

    brave commented on My Love


    I'll think and love you always....since the mortality..

    brandon commented on My Love


    that was heart felt i loved it

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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