My New Year Baby


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When ever my boys reach milestones or special events in their lives I write to them. It is my special way to show them how much they are loved and how very proud I am of them. I just got word that my Niece had her baby as I was writing this. How interesting is that?

My New Year Baby

Being a new Mother was exciting and scary at the same time.

I could feel the life within, pushing and

Moving trying to make more room,

In the confines of my tight fitting womb.

How can that feeling ever be expressed?

When you are swollen, uncomfortable and can hardly get dressed.

A hand on my belly would ease all those things.

I never imagined how much joy this child could bring.

He was due on Christmas Eve, but chose to make me wait.

Each night I would lay in bed and think,

Dreaming of the wonderful things my new baby would bring.

How could I imagine how much my life would change?

My labor and delivery was so very, very quick,

My baby chose to enter this world butt first to do his first trick.

They took him from my womb by c-section to be safe,

So I was asleep during his unusual arrival to this place.

My New Year baby was a wonderful gift.

When I first held my new baby boy,

So many feelings ran through my mind.

My first thought was “How did I create such a beautiful child?”

Then came, “Am I ready for this, will I know what to do?”

“How to hold him, comfort him and keep him safe?”

Well those thoughts went away as I looked at his loveable face.

So small in my arms, but he fit with such grace.

I guess that is why God made Motherhood such a natural thing.

Mother and baby still felt bonded as one,

But now I could hold him close and

lightly rub my cheek on his soft blond hair.

This was my favorite thing to do.

I would hold him long after he was asleep.

Enjoying the clean baby smell and his soft baby hair on my cheek.

Then the growing began.

I could first see it in his fat little cheeks.

My boy could smile like no other I had seen.

Always laughing and smiling and spreading his joy.

What a happy baby was my little boy.

Now I look back and it seems so long ago,

For tomorrow my baby will be a quarter of a century old!

Where did the time go?

It went way too so fast!

But my memories I cherish and hold close to my heart!

If I close my eyes, I still feel his soft hair upon my face.

I can smell the clean baby smell as strong as can be.

I am back in my most happy place,

Holding my boy close with his soft hair on my face.


To my first born son with love from his Mother


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summerrose35 commented on My New Year Baby


This is so beautiful I cant find the right words to express how I feel! Children are our most precious gifts!

heavenlymayday commented on My New Year Baby


Oh so sweet! The love comes shining through. I can relate- even to the point that my son was breach and c-section birth. Nice :D



Thank you Heavenlymayday. My son liked his poem so mush that he stayed home with me and helped me bake cookies for the New Years eve party we attended tonight. He is over 6 feet and I am 5'2", so he is my BIG baby boy now.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.