My Passion


  • Passion

    My Passion

    There I sit waiting for you to come home
    The night is getting late, as time goes on
    For some reason I just cant wait for you no longer
    I slip into our room, head for the shower
    As I step into the shower I hear the door
    Finally you are home, what a surprise
    You find yourself joining me in the shower
    The night grows even later, as time goes on
    We find ourselves back into our room
    We pull the covers down as we crawl on top
    At first the bed is cold, but we look at each other
    We know we are thinking of the same thought
    I can see it in your eyes you want to take control
    But you know how I just love to rock your boat
    As you lay there on your back you see it coming
    As I lick my lips coming to meet yours
    The blood starts to flow, as I get closer, closer
    Just as I go to kiss you I pull away and find your neck
    For this is where I love to start
    As I kiss your neck and start going lower
    I can feel your body getting tight for you know the best is to come
    Lower and lower you find me go
    You find your balls in my hand as I work to the top
    I place the head just in my mouth
    I let my tongue take over and your body loses control
    Just as you think it could not get better
    Here I come, ready to slide you in
    Slide you deep as you can go
    As you slide your way in I take your hands
    I place them on my boobs and let you take over
    Just then I take a boob for myself
    As you lie there and watch me place my nipple in my mouth
    I can feel your body tighten even more
    I stay on top of you with you deep inside of me
    Just then you yell stop, I’m about to blow
    With a smile on my face, I lie on my back
    But yet I tease you, here comes doggy
    As you get behind, slide into me yet again
    I can feel you love the deepness
    Can you feel the heat, the wetness that comes from me
    Just then you stop for you know I love to swallow
    I get between your legs and once again
    You find yourself in a warm hole
    As you feel my tongue all over your head
    Now I get the warmest thing of it all
    Just then I want you cum for you
    I stand there bend down over your face
    As you slide you tongue in and out
    Can you taste how sweet I am
    Then I place my finger inside just enough to get some for me
    Which I know you love to watch me taste myself
    I rub my juices all over my lips
    For I will not give you not time to relax
    In seconds we are there in the same spot
    For you baby, you know how I love it
    You know what I love to do
    For this is my passion for you
    You know I love to make you hot
    You know I love how you taste
    As once again you slide deep into me
    For every time comes something new
    For every new thing comes more of the feeling
    The more feeling the more passion
    For this is my passion to you

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    myomo4me commented on My Passion


    this is just sweet and lovely...this is just what any man will love to always have his lover do all the time....thank you yr poem has made my night

    28jimmy commented on My Passion


    wow,i like it

    magati commented on My Passion


    i couldnt finish the poem...just got a hard-on and i think my lady is in trouble...excuse me for two hrs i will come finish it later...beauitfull erotic pic'

    dangedmanjr commented on My Passion


    uhh... .... you live close?!? i'm going to take a shower now!

    MCross commented on My Passion


    wow he must be a very happy gent.

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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