My poetry sets me free to be me!


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This is for the poetry challenge. Another lesson learned by looking within myself to see not only what life has to offer me, but what I have to offer life.

My poetry sets me free to be me!


When I sit down to write it seems to me,

that the words flow forth quite easily.

Getting to this point was not easy for me.

Difficult times seemed to keep following me.


When I was young I made mistakes, as most do.

At times I didn't know if I would make it through.

Thoughts of giving up would arrive,

most of the time while I was taking a drive.

I fought these back because I could see,

just what it would do to my family.


The special hospital in which I once stayed,

helped me to see that there was a better way.

I spent two long years in dark depression.

Thinking no one would understand my feelings

no matter how I expressed them.


Inside I knew my thoughts didn't make sense,

still I felt so very, very tense.

Scared of life is what I once was.

Then I started praying to the being above.

I found that I didn't do much but sleep.

My zest for life just would not peak!


One day I was forced out of my shell.

I thought "That part of me can just go to hell!"

I thought "Why don't I write about what I lived through.

I can express what caused my life to go all askew."


I had a purpose in life I knew.

I heard in my head

"To help others like you."

My faith got stronger as I prayed each day.

"God please help the pain stay at bay."

"I asked the Angels to watch over me,

so I could continue to be free to be me!"


Pain, molestation and mental abuse,

I suddenly saw could be put to good use!

The lessons I learned were hard to bare.

Why not share them to help others out there?


If even one hurtful thing I went through,

could save pain from someone like you.

I could show Karma I have a lot to gain.

I will no longer succomb to that pain.


Each poem I write is a lesson for me.

Each word written gives me strength to be me.

As I think of the lessons I learned,

I thought "Thank you God, I took the right turn!"


I am no longer curled in a ball.

I am me and I can stand tall!

I am not a child anymore.

I have spread my wings and am ready to soar!


UPA challenge 1

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Shangyin commented on My poetry sets me free to be me!


An incredible journey of struggle and triumph! You have great courage to share this and help others. You indeed have a purpose to share your experiences and inspire and support others. Thank you for writing this.



Thank you for such kind words. It is my way of changing my negative into positive.

rpb317 commented on My poetry sets me free to be me!


Your trials and tribulationa made you a stronger person



Yes they have! I am so much stronger then I was 10 years ago. Thank you for the comment!

ide286 commented on My poetry sets me free to be me!


Well explains that going through the hard times makes you come out a stronger person.



That is very true. too bad we do not realize it at the time.

winterkou commented on My poetry sets me free to be me!


Very nice write, expressing lots of detailed emotion . I like it . Nice flow to it as well, good job.



Thank you very much. It was a kind of eye opener for me. I forgot just how much my writing helps me.

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.