My Prince


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    My Prince

    Winter is on its' way,
    My heart lay dormant as of today.
    As I await my prince to come,
    I wonder where he will be from.
    Maybe he will be an English Prince,
    For sure, his words, he will not mince.
    On my mouth he will bestow,
    A kiss so fine, my heart will show.
    I know someday, he will be mine,
    For his love, my heart has pined.

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    Springsize commented on My Prince


    this is a sweet poem...kind to the soul, not harsh... though gaily light, feathery kinda, wishy, wanty... Reader, I, want to know why your heart is dormant today, what happened yesterday that allows you to have such open hope, dormant loveseeds stuck in the ground at winter, they be patient, knowing, believing that your love will grow close to you... why do you believe... what is the vein inside of you that feeds your loveseed?

    gogant commented on My Prince


    Not to be outdone by Mr. Ink...This poem of yours, Alexia, is composed with a fairy tale kind of emotion...reminds me of Sleeping Beauty waiting for her prince to come riding in on his white steed.........short and sweet.....................gogant



    Thank you Gogant. That is not what I intended it to sound like when I first started writing it. But that is the same kind of feeling I get when I read it now that it is done. I love it Thank you for sharing your comments. I love reading them and knowing that you enjoyed it.

    Marsink commented on My Prince


    You made me smile out loud (wait, I'm confused) The vault of young love is yet to be tapped. Inspiring to see the dreaming of a spring heart, told well and soft!



    Thank you Marsink.I am happy you enjoyed it.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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