My son


My son

My son is all alone now
His mother walked out long ago
We were an unstopable team
Together we picked up the pieces you know

He has such high hopes for life
I would give eveything to help
He will be just what he wants to be
Of this I have no doubt

Such a big man in a little body
Thoughts from him are amazing
I wish I could have been half the person
This is the future of our planet and I am proud

I didn't want to leave this early
It wa just meant to be
I will rest easy knowing what I know of him
He will be a great man, something for you all to see

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WriterGenevieve commented on My son


This poem brought me to tears. Your son, he sounds like an amazing and strong person - probably like yourself. I'm sorry to hear about the mother leaving - and I understand the guilt you may carry for your son over that. I have that kind of guilt for my son who doesn't have a father now. It is very tough when you love your kid so much. I hope you are alright health-wise. Stay strong. I love your writing - keep writing. :)



Thank you for the heart felt comments. Life has changed alot since I put those feelings down.

CherokeePrinces commented on My son


I like this, your son is very lucky to have you. Keep up the wonderful work!



Thank you. I mean every word. We have been through alot in the last 2 yrs. He is all I have left in this world.

mgsouthard64 commented on My son


Very good poem. I know it is hard for him to be without his momma, but she is the one that is losing not him. He will become a grown man and believe me he will make you proud and himself. Keep doing what you are doing. Life can only get better with the choices you make.



I agree. Thanks for the positive vibes you send.

photochick commented on My son


Very passionate and lets us see a lot about you and your family nice flow and rhythm as well a nice poem about being proud once your gone I really enjoyed this one great write keep up the great work



Meant every word. Have got to watch him become a man. Thank you for your kind words.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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