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    My Story

    My first puppy love left me lonely,
    I kept hoping he would be be my one and only,
    I gave him my virginity,
    He walked away and left me in self pity,
    I walked alone and scared,
    I went to the arms of another unprepared,
    I wrapped myself in his false love,
    I prayed we could make it to the creator above,
    He left me with two little ones in tow,
    I fell down so low,
    Unsure of how to handle the stress of parenthood,
    Angry and full of hate, I brought no good,
    Two small children crying by my side,
    I needed to find a place to hide,
    I found shelter with another man,
    This one I knew I would give my hand,
    Still to wounded from the heartache from before,
    To love him became empty and a chore,
    I kept him hurt and scared,
    Afraid of the evil I had brought and bared,
    He ran away from me,
    All he said is he wanted to be free,
    Now I sit alone full of hate and rage,
    A hungry tiger and her two cubs in this cage,
    I wonder how do I let go,
    Give my little cubs the strength to love and grow,
    They deserve me to be better,
    Not me writing angry words to an empty letter,
    How do I teach them to love and forgive,
    I want them to grow up and live,
    Not just live, but to enjoy life,
    Be happy to be a man's wife,
    I have them and they should be my greatest joy,
    I am afraid their dreams will be shattered by some boy,
    What can I do to show them that they matter,
    When my dreams are empty and my life is left to shatter?

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    chauhanlm commented on My Story


    I LOOOVEE your words of wisdom! I know that story all to well, your story is my story.....OMG!!! Just keep falling and falling into an abliss

    Len commented on My Story


    Great poem!!!! That is the story of too many good women today. Lack of self confidence give rise to the need for the reassurances of others, allowing them to determine their worth. Only when a woman determines her own the value does she get far market value for all that she brings to the table. That goes double for men!!!!!!!!!!

    BlackButterfly1 commented on My Story


    Your writings are so real... I can feel it. Wow. "writing angry words to an empty letter." Powerful choice of words!

    NNYMom commented on My Story


    I have many things to tell you but I know I must keep it short. You are an excellent writer, one. This poem shows your feelings grandly, two. Most importantly, you need to give yourself so many more props and everything will come into play one day at a time.

    freemansvoice commented on My Story


    I have a daughter with a baby in tow. This 2 year old is my life now. the world would not be the same without him. I don't think my daughter sees it that way. He's a burden to her. There are miracles in every thing. You just have to look to find them. love your kids no matter what. If there is a man out there for you , let it be. It will happen. I hope this is just a poem. I write some really sad stuff some times. Usually it is just poems. we all have those days.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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