My Unborn Child


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    Written in dedication to my beautiful precious gift Allencia Kayleigh Niah Somers born 10/24/07. I care about you more than words can express.

    My Unborn Child

    Oh how beautiful you are, yet still remain unseen
    Your image dancing in my mind, tiny, peaceful and serene
    I think about you more and more now, as the day grows near
    What day I’m still unsure, sooner than later though you’ll be here
    The doctors say your healthy, I shoulda known you’d be strong
    I’ll admit I had my doubts, but I guess you knew it all along
    There's this feeling in my stomach, this feeling eating at my heart
    Yet I refuse to call It love, cuz in that word I disbelieve
    So for now it will remain nameless, but forever it will be
    Love is overused, I mean something real
    A word that’s undefined, that’s how you make me feel
    Your existence so unexpected, I shunned the very idea
    But now that you are near, I’m overjoyed that you are here
    I can’t wait to get to know you and you a chance to know me
    There’s so many things I’ll show you, just you wait and see
    But until you get here I’ll be waiting, oh so patiently
    And when you do we’ll be celebrating, a new addition to the family
    When you come out, you’ll be crying, shhh everything is alright
    Mommy’s been with you baby, now daddy’s in your life
    In you life I’ll stay, sweetie I promise, I’ll never go away
    I don’t ever want to be separated, not even for a day
    Written 9/13/07

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    POETcece commented on My Unborn Child


    Beautiful..ilove how yourhappiness shines through your words.this put a huge smile on my face.oh nd congrats as well onyour healthy baby

    Maxsbabyforever commented on My Unborn Child


    i love this... it's amazing the.... love you feel for an unborn baby... isn't it? the feeling of finally meeting... the feeling of devotion... the feeling of love.... keep writing... you've touched my heart..

    ginga commented on My Unborn Child


    Ace, A great tribute to the sweetheart of your life. I adored the way you wrote this and any reader can feel the emotion and connection. ginga

    iLuvPoetryJACOB commented on My Unborn Child


    oh, that is so beautiful!!!, cant think of a better word) you show for your daughter is so touching. i hope you are having a happy life with her.

    knight4696 commented on My Unborn Child


    A very touching and heartfelt tribute to your daughter. Very nicely written and the emotion is tangible. It maybe a couple of years late - But congratulations anyway! I also wrote a dedication to my daughter called Blank Page - It actually won one of the weekly contests and is going to be published. Please check it out, I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks, Ken

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