My walk of solitude


My walk of solitude

I went walking upon a path of solitude,
I let my mind digress, it took its' own course.
I didn't know where my jourey would end,
I didn't even know how it began.
Somewhere along the way, I began to speculate.
Was this what I yearned for?
Is this where I would reach my finish?
For a time I was a halcyon woman, content with being me.
Then I became a peripatetic,
It seemed I had become confounded,
It seemed I had lost my very soul.
Darkness became my constant companion,
Encompassing every aspect of my life,
Smothering me as if I were drowning.
It was like I was watching myself from the outside in.
I wanted to scream,
It was as if I was having a constant panic attack.
I was gasping for air,
But I was defenseless.
Begging to be let free.
I ran from place to place,
Person to person,
No one noticed.
I pleaded for God to help me,
I was alone.
Suddenly I looked up,
It was as if I was smacked in the face with a wooden beam,
A man was standing before me.
A man I knew was placed in front of me by God himself,
He was the answer to my prayers.
This man was the same man as before,
The man I was running from.
He was my haven,
He was where I needed to be.

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Marsink commented on My walk of solitude


Introspective, insightful and deep! You have plumbed depths of character for the reader's sake and marked a trail to follow, not in your wandering, but your discovery of the ever-present, Man! Applause building!!



Thank you so much Marsink

Musicmynded1 commented on My walk of solitude


Well.. i had to look up the meaning of a few of the first words that u used in and then i was like.. wow.. she's explaining "Myself" as well... but as i read on ... it deviated,,, as i grew this way amidst meeting my girl, and sometimes still find myself there. Good writing.



Thank you poet! I am glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to read my work

OutcastAmber commented on My walk of solitude


This is really good. I can kind of relat to how you feel I feel that I am have been lost withen my own soul



Thank you Amber! I hope you find your way out of it

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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