My Wish


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    My Wish

    I have only but one wish for you
    As I look deep into your eyes
    I can see the love, the passion you have
    For this is the same passion I have for you
    I am very alone in the world
    I feel like I have no one I can talk to
    Let alone anyone I can trust
    But as you walked into my life
    I felt a door open inside of me
    For I have someone to love me
    I have someone I can place my hopes with
    I can place my life into your hands
    As you are a person I can open up to
    You are the person I can trust
    I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you
    My only wish I have for you
    Is something small but of great joy
    I want nothing more then to feel it all over again
    For my wish to you is a child of joy
    To be able to feel them move inside me
    For the times you run and pee all the time
    For the on going heart burns
    To have back yet again that feeling
    As those little feet and hands find everything
    There goes your bladder and organs inside
    To feel this feeling for nine whole months
    Then look at you and say but one thing
    Here is your son or daughter, look what we did
    For my wish to you, is to feel our little one grow
    Grow inside of me and see them when they are born
    For this is truly my wish to you

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    CopperTop327 commented on My Wish


    i absolutely love this i read it i felt like i was talking to my fiance because i may already have two children but he has none and i want to share a child with him..only ive had my tubes clipped and burned..i really felt this one deep down...very very well done...thank you for sharing it with us..keep up the good work

    magati commented on My Wish


    thats the most joyous words a lady can tell her man...i can even feel the moment as i read the words it makes me be in that room when the baby comes and there she is the mother, smile with the pleasure of fulfillng gods greatest gift to man....thts great...KING...rating 100%

    keithrberryjr commented on My Wish


    great poem.very nicely written.

    mazin2500 commented on My Wish


    thats how i feel your such a great writter i dont see why your shy keep on writting

    myomo4me commented on My Wish


    thank you so much i feel the same for you i wish this draem come throug,it will be a thin of great joy for me to see have you as the mother of my children

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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