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    Nerd is the new Punk

    Nerd is the new Punk
    by BJ Murphy

    In the face of the 21st century, we are becoming more politically aware of the under minded socio-political path of our country, & of our world. As it was in the 60's to the 70's, labels were the highest of regarding one's life & structure of living. If you were a "nerd", then that simply just meant that you made the choice to stay in school & get an education. If you were a "punk", then you simply just decided to say "fuck school", & smoke & drink while you, in the same sentence, say "fuck the system". Though, times have changed.

    To be a "punk" of the system, one needs to learn the system, itself. To be a "nerd" of the system, it applies the same as being a "punk". During these times, one of the most revolutionary acts one could partake in would be to get an education. Learning the history of the world allows you to gain knowledge of why being a "punk" is a necessary action, instead of a trend, to truly say "fuck the system", while having a logical stand-point view to represent such a statement. 

    The problem about our system is that it's run by a capitalist-built corporation of greed, hate, & power. Sure, one can say that it's not like the capitalism that we saw emerge nearly a century ago. And you're right, it's not the same capitalism as before. It's now taken shape to a crony-capitalism, cronyism. But one has got to understand that it is capitalism, itself, that makes such greed & power-mongering legal. We, the youth of the 21st century, are being led by power-wielders who, unfortunately, have an educated mind of the system, itself. So, the only way to really take a stand against such a "smart" system would be to do the same thing. Get an education. 

    Conformity was the leading cause through the 60's & 70's that made such a difference between the "nerd" movement & the "punk" movement. Society ruled the land as it separated the world's people into label-based zombies of the sociological-standard of Corporatism. Logos was the new fad of our youth's future. And so, it didn't matter if you were smart, as long as you were hip & cool, right? 

    Well, as you can see, that kind of life-style is no longer the fad of society, as society itself has evolved into slave-based ruling. One could imagine themselves as one of the natives during the Columbus age, & the system being Christopher Columbus, himself. Our system is out to search for the "gold of the land", the capital of our society. Yet, as they fail to grasp their greedy hands upon such treasures, they instead use us as slaves to please their kings & queens, hoping that if they gather enough of us they will succeed in their domestic-imperialist plot of an economic take over. A legalized coup d'etat, you may say.

    But we, as the "punks" of society, have the upper hand now. Knowing full well that we embraced the label of being a "nerd" while remaining, in a certain perspective, the "punk" that's held deep in our hearts. We see that, no matter what the system does, we understand where they are heading, for we have history on our side. We are now the well-educated population of the 21st century & choose not to take it anymore. Don't be afraid when you see the genius of your school wearing black. Don't be afraid when you see the one that's getting straight A's in school be the one that smokes pot & say's "fuck the system". For this is the beginning of a new revolution. A statement needing to be heard. And that very statement is, "Nerd is the new Punk".

    Question Everything...Deny Nothing

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