Never Forget


  • Sadness

    Never Forget

    As I pack you up into the truck we go
    Down the road to that place we know
    Down the hill up the hill is where it is
    We pull in here I come for you
    We step out of the truck into that place
    The place we been to many time before
    The place where this time you will not come back
    For today I put you to sleep but never forget
    Here comes the paper work and the fee
    Into this room we walk the door closes behind us
    Into the room she come looking sad herself
    With her are a band, a bottle and that needle
    As she puts the band just above the elbow
    She looks at me and asks but one thing
    Have you ever done this before
    As I tried to find the words I said no
    She told me step by step but I still was in that dream
    As the fluid goes into your body and though your veins
    Your head drops into my hand slowly I place your head down
    Talking and touching you till it was all over
    She looks at me and says it is done as you let a breath out
    This was your last breath you took before the forever sleep
    Do you want more time with him I want him back
    She takes you away and out the door I go
    For this will not be your final resting place
    You will be home with us once again
    A few days later here I come for you one more time
    When you were born you were no bigger then my hand
    Now 19 years later and a long life you once again come back
    You come back to us again not being much bigger then my hand
    For your soul flies free up above us for you are home to stay
    No more pain, no more hurt you are forever free
    You are forever more with us to stay
    In a white box is where your ashes are and will be for years to come
    For we will never forget you and we will always love you

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    lfd43 commented on Never Forget


    How heart warming read your expression of sadness at losing your treasured feline. Tears welled up and flowed as I followed along remembering our own paralled account of our very own beloved Felix Catus when he drew his last breath. He rests forever in his little cedar box beneath my daughter's bed to keep him close. I'm a big cat lover.

    lfd43 commented on Never Forget


    this brought tears to my eyes, remembering our own last moments as we held our beloved Felix as he drew his last breath in 2005. He sleeps forever in a small cedar box beneath my daughter's bed to stay close to her. It is heart warming to know others who can express their feelings of great sadness at losing their very own treasuredfeline

    kaleo55 commented on Never Forget


    You have stirred my heart with this heartfelt write. To let go of a life that you held so dearly in your arms for 19 years is a difficult task to do. Thank you for sharing

    lujack413 commented on Never Forget


    I just had to respond to your hearfelt poem about your cat. My mom and I are rescuers and we have had to do this same thing soooo many many times with our cats and dogs. In 2001 I put my beloved Lujack to sleep after 16 wonderful years - he was my baby and I was his mother - hence the screenname Lujack413 - 4/13/2001. We actually live out in the country and we have our very own pet cemetary. My mother can't bear to dispose of any one of them. Anyway, i'm new to this site and i hope you will

    brandon commented on Never Forget


    that made me cry

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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