New love affair.........


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    This one was written for me I am straight guy. I changed the lyrics during a time of question and doubt of my life, when I was a young teen and struggling with the sexes. That's all I'll say the rest is to gross and to sick too enen think about yet less to relive.

    New love affair.........

    I've been wishing on that far away star that I would find you....... But I don't have 5 billion years for that wish to come true, just so I could find you!
    I've been spending 365 days a year~ for the last 4 yrs searching for you!
    And now I think that I may have finally found you!
    oh you, my true love!

    Chorus 1:

    My true love! I wanna hold you tight! No, more hopeful days and lonely nights! So with a new baker's derby and my dark brown hair!
    I've found someone to treat me decent and fair!

    Baby I wanna hold you tight!
    No, more hopeful days nor lonely nights!
    So in a new baker's derby and dark brown hair!
    I think I've found someone to treat me both decent and fair!
    Now, I've tried my hand at being gay!
    But I couldn't get it right~
    and I use to lie awake in bed at night~ With thoughts racing through thy head!
    Secretly dreaming of finding you, oh you my true love.

    Chours 2:

    I wanna hold you tight, yes you my true love!! Oooh, No, more hopeful days nor, lonely nights! So in my black baker's derby and my short brown hair! At long last I've found you, that someone who'd treat me so decent and so fair!

    No, more hopeful days or those lonely nights!
    Saying this isn't feeling quite right and it just isn't fair!
    When I found myself at a fork in the road~
    I had to choose between the three~
    So I chose the path I thought was right for me!
    I chose the straight path! Cause baby you know I wanna hold you tight and treat you right! And know that I love you, Yeah I love you oh so much! Because you make me feel so complete, and so glad. . . man you've touched my heart forever!

    Repeat Chorus 3 three times, holding out on all the final notes.

    My true love, you know I'm holding you tight!! Oooh, yeah! Every warm day or cold night! Wearing my Culinary Jacket, and my pinstriped trousers, and my black baker's derby on my head of short brown hair! Now at long last, we're holding each other tight tonight! Treating each other completely decent, honest and fair!

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    Worthless commented on New love affair.........


    I'm sorry, but i don't believe in people being gay! It's just wrong in so many ways! People that are gay need to get their minds straight and read the bible! They are there own person and all but they are the one's who has to deal with it.. It's just morally wrong and gross!!!! I mean think about it, if God wanted man and man or women and women to mate then he would have only made man or just women. There's a reason why he made us both..



    Thank you, yes I totallly agree. Homosexuality is a sin a very serious sin and the only reward for it with out the redemption and forgiveness of Christ and the grace we find from God for our repentance is hell and damnednation.

    Ravoya commented on New love affair.........


    i love this poem its so songy and i can imagine the music. keep up the writing u know who you are and that's good

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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