no bugs


  • Hope.

    no bugs


    it is early spring and there are no bugs yet
    lying in my hammock, writing, whirling
    as my fingers grip my pen
    i realize that this is my weapon against insignificance
                  and anonymity
    why whisper in the wind
    when you can scream from within

    i love it here, lying here, thinking here
    next to the thicket and treeline
    remembering this time last year
    when i was cradled in decline

    it is early spring and there are no bugs yet
    can it always be this way
    warm breezes and bug freedom
    at least i can have THIS day

    i see a plane tear across my blue sky
    burning fuel as it returns from vacation spots
    i wonder where they've been
    and i wonder if there were bugs there


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    Tempestlady commented on no bugs


    Nice writing, but you allways do. Made me visualize a nice spot and think about nature and cycles and things. Loved the rhythm and it read well. Write on..................Tempestlady



    Thank you, my dear !

    marxred commented on no bugs


    nice! a lot of awareness expressed here! the line "cradled in decline" was a grabber! thanks.



    Thank you, friend. I have been away working on other projects. I will return to read you very soon. Thanks, again !

    Len commented on no bugs


    OHHHHH MYYYY GOD! That was amazing, by far one of the best I have read in a long time. I was right there by your side, with you from the start to the end, I could almost feel the sun and the wind, as well as hear the roar of the planes engines. SO VIVID!



    Wow, wow ! It is always such a great feeling when I get a response like this. When someone is reached by your expression, all efforts seem worthy. Thank you !

    MootPoint commented on no bugs


    I like the flow and imagination. Just the "no bugs" thing sticks with me. The bugs are somewhere. Dormant or hiding. Burrowed under leaf litter or bored into the bark of a tree or surrounded by a protective shell like a cocoon. Sorry to be so nit picky.



    the bugs are a metaphor for cancer. I had cancer last year and today I am cancer free. this is mostly for my understanding but, I included it here to be interpreted at will. I do NOT expect ANYONE to derive my intended sentiment :) thank you for reading me and your beautiful honesty.



    Maybe a prelude on how the "bugs" invaded your life and body. But now I understand more and it makes more sense. D@mn those @$!**%^ Bugs!

    Lasmuigh commented on no bugs


    Good job - I loved the meandering nature of this poem and your flitting back to the bugs as you continued. I liked how you reflected on the present as well as the past and deeming the sky "yours". Very effective, gave a real sense of being cocooned throughout.



    yes ! thank you for your time. poetry can say so much with just a few words, it is an amazing and precious thing when someone else can relate to your heart and emotions.



    as not to confuse you, I write under two names. "Crush" wrote No Bugs but by accident I replied with my other name, Phission. Thanks again.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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