No Offense, Just My Opinion


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    As I said, just my opinion.

    No Offense, Just My Opinion


    The music industry peeves me--more than just now and then

    When it manufactures singing stars over and over again

    Take for example Taylor Swift the teeny-bobbers top pick

    She may be a cute girl but she can’t sing a lick

    To compare her to real singers - well it darn well isn’t right

    Yet, they’ve made her a big star earning dollars out of sight

    Now Kenny Chesney is a fine singer, in my estimation

    But his image is the result of artistic over-creation

    They have tried to make him into a stud, but try as they might

    The poor guy is bald as a billiard ball and only five foot eight in height

       Then there’s rappers galore all creating the same scene

    Striking criminal poses and trying to look mean

    The junk that they spew in the ears of our teens

    Isn’t fit for a porn movie much less a girl of sixteen

    It’s not really music, this talking rhyme they call Rap

    So don’t confuse it with music when it’s really only crap

       What happened to real music - and I don’t intend to be snooty

     But Rap is preoccupied with violence and some girls “big booty”.

    I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with the vehicular loud speakers

    Cruising the streets vibrating you all the way down to your sneakers

     It’s your business if you want your kid to end up totally deaf by eighteen

    But tell your little angel to turn down the volume in that dad-burned machine

      It would seem that melody and lyrics that make sense are a thing of the past

    The music industry sells only trash and creates stars that won’t last

    All available for download on your multicolored Zune or your IPOD  

         For your listening pleasure hidden beneath a manufactured facade.


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg October 31, 2010



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    JadedJezzabel commented on No Offense, Just My Opinion


    i agree the music industry leaves a lot to be desired....but there is some real talent still out there, touring and putting out records



    You are quite right. Thank you.

    StandingBear commented on No Offense, Just My Opinion


    A very real up to date observatory write depicting today's *so called marketing designed musicians* compared to naturally talented musicians of another era. Neil Young is actually the most modern day musician that didn't sell out to commercialism, he never did a commercial, he didn't choose or have to. The times, they have changed.



    You are so right. Thanks.

    Teardrops commented on No Offense, Just My Opinion


    You have said it all my friend and taylor cant sing . Poor kenny i see your point there they are leading the population to the watering hole of junk and making them drink . I like oldies and they better not miss that up marie



    Your comments warm my heart. Thanks Marie.

    WordSlinger commented on No Offense, Just My Opinion


    Hampton, time tells all, I am a oldies fan, Kansas City, Chuck Berry all that, and more, then classic rock, but a serious dent on history, it will take a 100 years or more before man makes good music again, in a genre, generation wise, Poetry man Poetry, :) ty WS



    You speak the truth my friend. Thanks.

    ginga commented on No Offense, Just My Opinion


    Hampton, You know my son is a musician and he echoes much of what is contained here. He has excellent cd'd with great lyrics that speak of worthy topics, nut he ain't no rap artist, studmuffin or scantily dressed porn star. He does however pass for Ryan Seacrest's twin. ginga



    Did not know that your son was musician. A Ryan Seacrest lookalike. Wow. Thanks for dropping by.

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