No One to Save Me From The Dark


No One to Save Me From The Dark

Who will be there to save you when you fall,
I followed you through the darkness,
When the plates were empty I begged to fill them,
Now your light is shining high, and I am no longer welcomed,
My sorrow is deep,
I wallow in grief,
If not for me you would not play beautiful music for all to hear,
No one notices my sorrow or even looks my way,
They see not what I have done,
Only me in my anger and false illusions,
I am empty,
No one to beg to fill my plates,
No one to pull me from my darkness,
I am drowning in my grief,
Sorrow is my only pillow,
So deep in the pools of darkness,
I suppose I will no longer surface,
To propell forward seems fruitless,
Then I see the life is you bigger than life,
With no hand to pull me from my darkness,
No one to save me from my fall.

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angelchaser commented on No One to Save Me From The Dark


I've known pain and sorrow like this. I understand how you feel completely. If you ever need a hand out of the darkness, take mine:). I've walked that path many times and I'll walk it again to help you out of it.

HarverTomsson commented on No One to Save Me From The Dark


To be invisible in sorrow and grief is utter desolation. So cry, cry loud, and long. Need has no shame. And kindness will appear. Best regards, Harv

imalwasymused commented on No One to Save Me From The Dark


so emotional " when the plates were empty i begged to fill them" my fav. line.

ginga commented on No One to Save Me From The Dark


dude, The imagery here is sad yet revealing. I found this one a poem of struggle and pain yet there is a tenderness that surrounds it. ginga



I meant broken heart, LOL I saw dude's pick and accidentally inserted his name, my apologies Broken Heart. ginga

spbsdude commented on No One to Save Me From The Dark


What a beautifully written and sad poem. There is one who can save you from the fall, he save us all, and if you turn to Him, He might be able to help mend your broken heart. He is Christ the Lord. He helped rescue me when I was in misery, I know he can do the same for you.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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