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        Alas' the blundered body of once was me is now forecast in the shadows
        Surrounded by nothingness, dust, hindered arctic freeze
        Failures of once was me keeps my shadow warm as everyone withers
        Eyes frozen on goals never reached, fingers point at deceit
        As I stare into the cubed figure my eyes begin to tear
        The warm salty tears flow like a river from my eyes to what I've become
        Nothing, a pawn, strewn along a never ending road of hell
        As to why I'm motionless, I can't surcome to the answers

        For the failures I've lived, or the situations I've created?
        Questions now only arise and I surcombe to my demise
        Is this truly the end in sight for me or just a detour I must follow
       Answers to this I will never find unless I keep striving for life.

       The pain is to much to bare as I stumble to my painful stupor
       Why keep pushing and creating more pain for a person the world will forget
       I surely do not do this for ones self but for the love of another
       My son, you are me and no matter what goes on I will live through you

       If I fail in my pursuit to be there for you longer just know,
       I've tried everything to prove to you my love and appreciation for you 
       Yet in this life I will never turn away from you nor would I dream it
       You keep my candle lite to keep this life inside of me keep going.

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    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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