Ode To My Love


Poem Commentary

This is lyrical re-write to Bob Dylan's 'Buckets of Rain'

Ode To My Love

Swallower of pain
Robber of fears
You're, the kind of thief, i've been waitin' on for years
My heart, is yours now, so there's no need to steal
You've got the kind of lovin' honey baby
That can heal

I can be shy
And try to disappear
But your, love resinates upon my heart, and brings me cheer
Love can come, and love it seems can go
I need you more than ever baby, we'll make it last
And keep it slow

I love your laugh
And your, funny ways
And the, way you correct me when I, miss a phrase
You're my best friend, and you, do it so well
You give me that good lovin' but honey baby
I won't tell

I close my eyes
And I, see your face
I smile, and offer up a, warm embrace
You get loud now, I can always, feel your breath
You're so hot sweety baby, you can always
 Make me sweat

You are my light
Baby, you're my sun
My day, seems meaningless 'til our, time's begun
Lost in your magic, i'm completely under your spell
I love you soo much, honey baby
Can you tell?

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Olan01 commented on Ode To My Love


A wonderful love poem and the structure, well-- beautiful. Well done.

Embraced commented on Ode To My Love


WOW! I couldnt wait to see what the next thing read in this one! 10 form me, Spense! E~

Springsize commented on Ode To My Love


Your first verse is excellent and grabs Fast, the attention, Neon smooth and each verse is an easy song. really nice to read in poem form and know you're experiencing these feelings ... so if one could not go to Switzerland, you have shared the wondrous Swiss alps of high expressions, and one may spend a wisp of a vicarious moment there ... and the picture is tender.

DrewMcNee commented on Ode To My Love


A rich warm expression of what many men seek. I'm sorry for my late arrival to this. Drew.

Mandi commented on Ode To My Love


REsonaates? wow, this is a new style for you. Sounds as if something is afloat... Is this your heartbeat I hear?

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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