Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)

This was written for the arostic Challenge in the Poetry Challenge Forum started by Standingbear. The challenge was to use the word Nocturnal for the acrostic, and the theme to be music. So there you go....

Norwegien wood is good, Lennon said
Overheard by Dylan, the 4th time around
Carry that weight, so heavy is the freedom
Taxman cometh for his pounds
Unruly fans inspired Sgt. Pepper
Recording in studio, Legends forever
Nowhere man, more popular than Jesus
At his side now, from the bang of a hammer
Lucy in the Sky, so young the good seem to die

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ShanneN commented on Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


it's hard to think that a poem this short could mean so much... but it does. its sooo good. =) probably my fav ive read so far. GRRRREAT JOB!!

dahlusion commented on Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


Wow and again wow! I have been to the Star Club in Hamburg, the only thing left is a ghost of a building [it was locked down and out of business] but my imagination carried me away into a dream, and I whispered: Boy, you have to carry your weight. As for Lennon saying: "Norwegien wood is good"—I believe it was George who penned that one. Bravo!!



Would Love to have gone to the Star Club, lucky man. And now that I think of it you may be right about George, but John Sang so i'm in on a loophole Haha. Peace and Love, Spence



oops, your right, John penned that one...



... and the Star Club was a dump when I was there, boarded-up, filthy, and broken-down. I was actually saddened by what I saw: streets filled with prostitutes, thieves, and tourists wearing t-shirts with stupid sayings printed on them. So I sat on the ground "bidding my time and drinking her wine".

ApaqRasgirl commented on Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


that was truly terrific...what a powerful little write in just a few words..you nailed it perfectly..you have my vote on the challenge...thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us love Asha



Thanks so much Asha, Peace. ~Spence

StandingBear commented on Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


Awesome, like so many of your works! Each one I read of yours I discover an enjoyment of being fortunate to be on the receiving end of poetic greatness! It's like "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" thudding to the beat! Great write my hippie friend! -SBear



Thanks again Standingbear, I loved this challenge you set forth. When I am asked to write about music, the words flow from me with ease, 'cause music I know so well. Music I love, and it always loves me back. Thanks again. ~Spence

sk8erpoet commented on Ode to the Beatles (acrostic challenge)


haha i love the poem..........THE BEATLES ROCK...haha sorry...i love it i like all of the quotes and lyrics and references....just remember lucy will be in the sky ready to throw diamonds...great write...sk8



It makes my day when I see you sk8er, cause I am always reminded that with your young age and such an avid Beatles fan, that the Beatles will live on forever. Thanks for the comment. ~Spence

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