of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)

awoke again to the sounds of death
the creeping silence of restless breath
the sounds i hear i cannot mistake
only death can sound this way


i feel the sun upon my face
enraptured in its warm embrace
within my eyes i see its glow
even though my eyes are closed


a whispered wind invades my ear
i feel the world that i can hear
the channeled sounds of lifeless life
the lonely cries of those who ve died

i open my eyes to see the sun
and find the world has come undone
a dark eclipse shades my face
lost within a shadowed embrace

markers with dates of death descend
as far as my eyes can transcend
in every direction i can see
the stones of death surrounding me

wilted flowers with decaying leaves
symbols of love from those who grieve
tattered angels with broken wings
left by those who truly believe

the leaves within the trees have gone
skeletal beings with demon claws
scratching and clawing at the wind
coming to life again and again

i turn to find a place to run
looking to see the warming sun
but the black and grey in the sky
pulls the color from my eyes

from the clouds the rain falls down
it floods my soul and my spirit drowns
below my feet the muddy ground
swallows my shoes and keeps me bound

i hear the whispers of the living dead
their cries for life echo through my head
i cover my ears to mute the screams
but it seems that they re inside of me

to my knees into the mud
i tilt my head to the shadowed sun
i scream aloud at the sky
to silence the deads woeful cries


the falling rain stings my eyes
and burns the color to lifeless white
streams of blood flow down my face
within my mouth the salty taste

i push the mud with my hands
with all my might i try to stand
to my thighs the mud has creeped
and now my arms are elbow deep

i feel the muck against my skin
it moves and pulls and draws me in
i strain and fight to break its grasp
until i feel i might collapse

i scream and cry and beg for help
even though im by myself
into the wind my lonely pleas
melding with the dead that scream


as whispers creep into my ears
the sounds of death is what i hear
my own demise before my eyes
among the stones of death that rise

peering through the rains that blind
upon a stone my name i find
carved within the granite face
its here that is my resting place

the ground has drawn me to my grave
the trees were clawing at this place
the whispered voices were trying to say
that everything will be ok

to just let go and wait and see
the whispers were meant to comfort me
to try ease my rising fears
even though i refused to hear

the sun reflects on the granite face
the flowers feel its warm embrace
upon the ground i feel its glow
even though my eyes are closed

wilted flowers with drying leaves
left for me by those who grieve
tattered angels with broken wings
left on my stone for company

the whispered voices in the wind
rising up to sing again
a channelled sounds of joyous lives
reunited on the other side


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paxtruth commented on of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


This is brilliant Dano. Though I'm not affraid of death because of my relationship with God/Jesus, I understand it. For some reason I take your poems seriously and don't find them amusing.



i am not sure i understand what you mean by amusing but i appriciate you coming by to comment all the same

Madelynn commented on of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


Ok- this is what I love about this piece; First, I am a huge horror junkie, almost to the point of therpy, lol. I love the old school horror, and the inner-mind stuff. So, it's impossible for me not to devoure this poem up! Holy zombie feel!! -but what's really sweet, is the fact that this also can be interpreted as a metephore for people and the cities in which they dwell. Even the part about wanting to scream for help/ but your all by yourself, and kno' one will hear.. all of it, just spot on perfect for the readers 'cup of tea'. I once again, am floored!-Maddi

SavVySam commented on of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


Hey Dano, this is such a richly illustrated piece through your incredible imagery! I enjoyed the read! Great job!



thanks so much for the complimant... and for taking the time read... sorry it has taken me so long to send my "thanks" back but know that you reading and commenting on my work is very much appriciated

TheDreamWalker commented on of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


I love this piece above all else! As always a great piece! I am also terrified of death and i have also felt the panic it is truly a great capturing read!!! keep up the great work



thanks mel for coming back to comment...

susanismith commented on of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)


As much as I fear death and the unknown, I am compelled to read more and find a way of coming to grips that its inevitable...find a way of understanding. I write to cope with it, I read to understand and deal with it. This piece was excellent and I saw myself...not only did I see myself but I felt it too. I hope I made sense, but anyways...I loved this poem. 10 from me.



death is inevitable i think that is why i dream about it alot... also i have had to deal with alot of loss that last couple of years which i think has forced me to face my own mortality... thanks for reading

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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