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    I don’t want to feel this pain
    Even though this pain is good
    But what pain does not hurt
    I push and push, oh the pain
    The pain does not seem to end
    When seconds turns into minutes
    And minutes turn into hours
    When will this pain ever end
    As they tell me to push, to breath
    All I wanted to do is scream
    But I know the more I push
    All I can do is hope and pray
    Pray the pain will be over soon
    As I push with all I got
    I feel the muscles I never knew I had
    Oh the pain, the pain seems so much
    When will this pain be over
    One more push is what they say
    But that was about five push’s ago
    Will this pain ever be over
    Will I ever feel more then just this pain
    Why does no one ever tell you
    Tell you the pain you really feel
    Oh the pain, here I go again
    They say, push one more time
    Oh here it comes, one more push
    With the one more push, you are here
    Now that is much better
    As we welcome you into this world
    Welcome you with all the love you need
    As I look down at you as they clean you up
    All I can find myself saying is WOW
    I did that, something that is so tiny
    So tiny but so full of love with ever breath
    As I see your chest go up and down
    As I hear you cry for the first time
    I can’t believe the time had come
    I can’t believe you made mommy wait
    You were so shy while you were inside me
    It took seven month before I knew I had a boy
    And it took eight hours of pain oh the pain
    I don’t even want to think of the pain
    As they cut the cord and wrap you up
    All I can feel as I look at you is comfort
    You may have been shy while you were inside me
    But when you came into this world
    You let the world know you are here
    As they take you away to check you over
    As I lay there, laying there thinking
    Even though you are my sweetheart
    Mommy is so glad the pain is over
    Now as I lay here, not moving
    All I can think and feel
    As they look at me
    As I look at them
    They tell me to get some rest
    I look at them, that is it
    That is all I can remember
    I knew I better get sleep
    For only two hours I will see you
    Two hours from now we will be together
    As you latch onto me for the first time
    All I can do again is say wow
    But if you ask me how I did it
    How could I fit something so big
    Pass something so small
    I guess you will need to see one day
    Just see and watch as your child comes
    Comes into this world, looking at you
    It has been over two years now
    Two years since I felt the pain
    But all I can say to that is

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    brave commented on OH...THE PAIN


    so pure woman..you're.. so clear and visible to the world...You're so special to me..

    brandon commented on OH...THE PAIN


    well i guess i will hear jamie tell me the same thing in a few months nut i will be ready for the baby to come

    Silentbetrayal commented on OH...THE PAIN


    And now all I can say is "wow" That was really something. I liked it =]

    nakedtruth43 commented on OH...THE PAIN


    I'm a mom too..I knew right away! I like how you write..a little mystery as to whatyou're talking about til you read on

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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