Old Fashion Valentine


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    Old Fashion Valentine

    My job; stay at home mom,
    wife, chef, and maid.
    No gift to give my valentine,
    it seems I don't get paid.
    What could I possibly give him,
    what on earth should I do?
    To show how much I love him,
    and that my heart is true.
    I know we have our problems,
    but we always work them out.
    At times I wonder what we've become,
    today there is no doubt.

    What we are is family,
    a husband and a wife.
    A boy, girl, and a little white dog,
    it seems the perfect life.
    For all the days I nag,
    scream, mumble, and cry.
    It doesn't mean I'm not content,
    and here's the reason why...

    Without him there would be no family,
    no children to brighten my day.
    No one to sit and rock with me,
    someday when I'm old and gray.
    An old fashion valentine, I'll give as a gift,
    with a poem and my life to share.
    I guess it's not the money I spend,
    but the way I show I care.

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    kdarcy commented on Old Fashion Valentine


    Loved it, light, sweet and simple ... saying the most to him and all that read it, be well k

    pirites commented on Old Fashion Valentine


    This is beautiful. Great flow and excellent story!!

    stellar commented on Old Fashion Valentine


    i love the content...pretty nostalgic,,love the effect it have on me...it made me think of my family back home..^_^ v

    TREVON commented on Old Fashion Valentine


    excellant poem I like the theme, There is not enough credit give to stay at home spouces!! I like the love and the every day touch you brought to this poem. I hope your husband enjoyed this great gift. Trevon

    pammy1414 commented on Old Fashion Valentine


    You gave the perfect gift!! your heart, can't compare anything to that and I am sure I am not the only mom and wife to read this, that has never felt what you just wrote.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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