Old Wounds


Old Wounds

old wounds, when reopened,
can overpower the fresh and new.
because when you least expect it,
they are triggered by a random thought or memory,
one you did not even realize was connected to it.

for me the worst pain is to have something and lose it,
only to realise that there was once a possibility,
a possibility of redemption you could have gotten it back.
If i had just tried harder to keep that which i held dear,
i need never have felt that certain feeling of loss.

in the end all we can do,
is learn from our mistakes,
and all we can do after that,
is try to heal and move on,
for in the end we are all human.

They say time heals all wounds,
well it has been nearly a year,
and still no relief from the loss.
So i think thats said by those who,
would rather cover it up....

Than learn and heal from the pain.

WB: HeatherLeigh aka ~PixieLette~ 

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StandingBear commented on Old Wounds


A finely written work of reality per one's suffering pain of a loved one no longer around. Great write!



thank you... i poured my heart into that one :)

freemansvoice commented on Old Wounds


you never get over it. with a death you know its over, but when they just walk, you know that they are out there somewhere, another chance? maybe? Too many ceiling are stared at on sleepness nights in lost hope.



way to true in your statement :/ it is like that often enough for me that i can say it is from well known experience

thecross commented on Old Wounds


a pouring out of emotion in this saddened write with morsels of truth mixed in.



thank you :) i am glad you appreciated the emotion i put into it :)

angelchaser commented on Old Wounds


A very profound write, leigh. I'm so sorry for the loss of which you speak.



thank you very much :) good to see you are still around :)

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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