On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


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Just something in thoughts of this coming Halloween...

On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......

Silent night...on the holiest night
pagans shall roam with monstrous pith
as dead flies rise from many piles that lie
the story shall be truth through an angel's eyes....

It all started Sunday morning, the sun rising east
just as any sunday, christians pray for peace
for they know this holiday Sunday fills deceit
as the blood moon prophesized, the mark of the beast.
In 6 hours, 66 degrees the moon completes
the celestial eclipse, is it trick or treat?
The beauty shall release to the streets with ease
as many shall roam, ignoring the church's plea
to stay home, lock your doors, pray to HE
for forgiveness of your sins on this hallows eve
But temptation of fun and gathering of offerings
the people dress up in mimicry of their hauntings.
Mistake...as blood moon approaches its yearning
the sun is stuck in limbo, caressed in unyielding
molestation of the moon, its form consumes
the light of the sun, its innocence is doomed
the people are in awe of the red beams now
the light has turned bloody in every town....

Unaware of what's to come, they continue their quest
Gabriel gazes down from the clouds in jest
not smiling, his orders are to protect the blessed
more or less, none exist in eclipse of this tryst
as Iblis manifest atop 6 mountain crest
the time is 6pm as he raises his 6 fist
come one, come all my demons and jinn
the dark calls for blood, I release you to them.
Rip the flesh from their bones they possess
devour their bodies as their souls I collect
The wind swirled tumultuously, I confess
I cannot interfere, I cannot intercept.
The people still walking the streets door to door
give me more, give me more, cries the costumed whore
unaware that behind them, Iblis feeds on greed
seeding the earth and his demonic stampede
thus the clouds break, there is only me
rapture is lost to the people, c'est la vie
from stone weeps blood, the dead welcomes it
risen from their tomb, frailty begets
the wind grows colder, the people shalt forget
the rise of horror is here now...regrets....

Upon my cloud, I witnessed this horror
the screams are loud, none blessed to follow
wolves, clowns, zombies, and vampires, etc.
running for safety as the dark transpires.
Candy fills the streets and gutters, tears thus weep
life seeps from wounds, for death is beseeched
laughter deceased, as the skies released
a blood shower, washing the streets in mockery.
I continued to cry, Iblis laughs with glee
I asked for a sign, none sufficed reprieve
Murder, more murder, death, and dark deeds
demons and the jinn starve life from the streets.
Tattered remains, winds howl to this disdain
Iblis is to blame on this Halloween.
For this day is a day Iblis shall reign
in eclipse of the blood moon, all are slain.
Yet their pain and torture wasn't all they're worth
on earth, upon hell they are risen to worse
all the hauntings and flames that scorch soul offerings
burnt to ash and reborn as Iblis reproaches
fleeing the scene as the sun comes to focus
demons and jinn vanish like the locust
my tears have dried, unrecognized, in the blood rush
the town has died, silence becomes of it
the streets riddled with the Tao of seven sins
perhaps they should have listened, too late in the end
held by linked chains of chaos and flame
their souls shall never rest, nor escape their shame
they shall never awaken with breath on any day
they remain memories of pain in this domain.
I am the time keeper, I noted the people's fate
I am the angel that observed the wake
I am the sword of God against His enemies
I am Gabriel, the narrator of this Halloween......

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knight4696 commented on On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


WOW Altar!! What a horrific Halloween Epic you have penned here my friend! I absolutely love it! Save to Faves .. A definite chiller that you should submit to POB Bleed for a Cause if you haven't already! Awesome job written in Awesome Altair style! :) Ken



Of course You Like this one lol....darkness becomes you. Thanks

Rhymer commented on On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


Epic write, the arch angel defending God. Excellent piece well written with vivid iamgery. Seems ironic that the creater of the universe, the creater of the angels would need them to defend him. 10 from me



Thanks rhymer..but perhaps its not need but a want for angels to prove their worth and love

Olan01 commented on On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


Reread this poem again and after watching the election returns I do believe that election day is the night of ghouls, lol, nice to meet you Gabriel.




1990lh commented on On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


haha that was a fun read, it could've been a a short story.



Thanks beautiful cataclysm

dahlusion commented on On Hallows Eve, Hollow grief as Death I Foresee.......


WOW!!! I am speechless: imagine, me speechless. This is the real dark thing. Bravo!!!



Yes dah this is a rarity that I welcome as the grandest of compliments indeed...thanks my friend

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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