On The Great Lakes...


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    On The Great Lakes...

    I was a sailor
    Merchant Marine The Great Lakes
    Wm McGonagle.

    At first sail 'Wiper'
    doing Engine Room 'scut' jobs
    double-shift same day.

    I made lots of cash
    from United States Steel
    paying off school loans.

    1st Engineer's hate
    was directed towards me
    I was a 'hippie'.

    My hair curly-long
    was not his standard crewcut
    he wanted me dead.

    Making '5,000'
    union in 60 long days
    I was a 'Laker'.

    Hatred abated
    passed 'Ordinary Seaman'
    was beyond reproof.

    On 'Gitchegumee'
    hatches open for loading
    a super storm came.

    We needed them closed
    all hands were on deck to do
    to make port Duluth.

    Winches and cables
    without using safe harness
    death imminent.

    Looking up southward
    during strenuous labor
    boat on horizon.

    Later I learned that
    The Edmund S. Fitzgerald
    went down all men lost.

    I saw its demise
    waterspout hit amid boat
    full 1/3 its width.

    The boat: Fitzgerald
    80,000 tons of ore
    taconite iron.

    29 men lost
    on the U.S.S. Flagship
    on that fateful day.

    Being the only
    witness to it's destruction
    no one believed me.

    Oh well, I know that
    I was of sound mind/body
    but that's long ago...

    'They' all speculate
    when this mighty 'oiler' died
    my story untold.

    Making the breakwall
    into Duluth Harbor safe
    we celebrated.

    The 'boneyard' our gift
    to take some brass souvenirs
    I still have today.

    Off of the old boats
    decomissioned from service
    wingnut and oilcup.

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    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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