Once Upon A Dream....


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    Once Upon A Dream....

    I used to have a dream

    One that was so very clear

    It used to seem so far away

    But not as near impossible as some say…

    It didn’t use to seem so far fetched

    It got me through

    And kept me going for a while

    Even caught myself

    Believing it could happen, once in a while.


    Then reality hit me in the face

    And instead of believing that my thoughts and wshes

    Might actually, one day, be my reality….

    Thoughts of practicality began to settle in.

    And I started to question:

    “Why am I still reaching?”

    “Why am I still wasting my time

    Reaching for that light

    In the ever fading horizon?”

    When everything around me

    Was telling me

    That I’d never make it

    I started to lose grasp

    Of the hope that I had once held

    Of the possibility of what could be.

    Of what I wanted to be.


    I tried to justify a reason

    To hold so tightly to the thought

    But it was too late

    For I gave up

    And let my thoughts of practicality

    Completely settle in.


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    dahlusion commented on Once Upon A Dream....


    "“Why am I still reaching?” “Why am I still wasting my time Reaching for that light In the ever fading horizon?”" —you are the light that you are seeking. There is no reason to reach out as it comes from within. The horizon only holds sunsets and sunrises which is the light of the sun, you, on the other hand, are the light. the search is over. This is a deep, introspective write. BRAVO !!!!!!!



    that is a very unique way of looking at it...never thought of it that way...thank you much!

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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