One Of Life's Rotations


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    I decided to write a poem with the entire thing with the same rhyme. this is how it turned out. Another old poem.

    One Of Life's Rotations

    He had a awkward occupation
    'Cause he got all the attention
    During the invasion
    He never made a decision

    It was his tradition
    To beat all competition
    Without indecision
    Though there was tension

    Whilst in the confusion
    He controlled his emotion
    But during the explosion
    He felt his revaluation

    With his solution
    He gained great expectations
    Better than the illusions
    I know his sensation

    It is a regulation
    Life is full of pollution
    And in his realization
    He learned life's position

    So he found the location
    Of the largest population
    Noticing life's rotation
    Has no simple explanation

    He got a strange notion
    He could change life's formation
    So he brewed a new potion
    And ended up in the ocean

    So ends the attention
    To the traditions
    During the confusions
    And a man's solution

    For it is one of my regulations
    To to notice life's rotations
    And it's formations
    As I looked toward the constellations

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    SuSpence commented on One Of Life's Rotations


    I like your old writes. I like reading them whilst you are away and it makes me feel like you are near. My favourite part of this write is the description of life being a rotation, rotating as if a circle. Everything in life always seems to come around again, sometimes too soon, sometimes seemingly too long depending on the size and rotation. Almost like a metaphor for Karma. And I also loved the composition as stated by Chaos. I read this almost like a limmerick and it flowed smooth as velvet. Great write dear :) 143!!! Love, Spence



    All I have to say is: 143!!!

    dahlusion commented on One Of Life's Rotations


    The fairytale-like playfulness of this superbly crafted poem is a pleasure to get lost in, and yes, your rhymes are of a high degree of moonlight and stars, smooth and carried through, with seemingly no effort on your part. Bravo!! Peace and Light, dah



    Thanks, dah, I did enjoy writing this piece. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. :D

    Chaos128 commented on One Of Life's Rotations


    I was so amazed by this composition that I gave a great exhalation and the resulting reverberation caused me to experience discombobulation whereupon I fell on my head and suffered a contusion and didn't wake up until my face was licked by a dalmatian : D



    lmao!!! klutz. I am pleased to have impressed you... Though, the doggy breath has got to go. thanks, chaos!! :D

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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