Opposite Romance


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    Opposite Romance

     feeling so lonely and so out of place feeling invisible and without a face when people look, they seem to stare it's something uncomfortable, i cannot bare i feel like a misfit and people can see that when i'm not with you, i'm not me sitting at a desk so quietly indeed it's you i can't wait for, it's you that i need when we kiss, the hair on my neck rises when i'm not with you, my heart changes sizes from small to medium to normal to big your the yang to my ying anf the zag to my zig i'm just a goof looking for my ball whether i'm here or there i give you my all just seeing you makes my heart freefall you've got my guard down and you've busted my wall wondering what it would be like without you i really don't know what the heck i'd do you're a party guy and i'm not a party girl you're a piece of aztec gold and i'm just a pearl you love attention and i hate the spotlight but seeing you have fun is such a great sight i like to read and write and i love to sing but you don't, you're into the screamo thing we are so opposite, but that's just us people can hate all they want, their just making a fus we both know we're meant to be i have the lock and you have the key you make me smile and people can deal with why we are happy and how we feel being with you is like living in a dream we support each other because we're a team if your heart is broken be sure i will mend i'll always be your love and i'll always be your friend i promise good vibes is all that i'll send this is when we kiss, the curtain drops, and the screen says THE END

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    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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