Our Biggest Threat


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The events I mention first, could have been prevented if we were prepared. Our nation's biggest tragedies happened because we didn't think they could happen.  Cyber threats are real.  They could take out a power grid, and white hackers have proven so. 

Our Biggest Threat

Where were you?

When Pearl Harbor was destroyed,

Playing with your tinker toys?

During the assassination of JFK,

Were you just a kid at play?

When the Challenger exploded and crashed,

Did you think our innocence would last?

When the WTC Towers burned and fell,

Who did you run and tell?

Those around didn’t think it would occur.

Or is this just history, just a blur?

Was the world in a state of denial?

Did you shut the door and sit a while?

The cyber wars are the next frontier

Hacker and cyber attacks are what I fear.

The power grids are the next to go

Water systems will not flow.

No gasoline to truck in food

What will we do without oil crude?

Have we become so computer hooked?

Have you given the Conficker worm a look?

One thing you can do to begin,

Be aware of email viruses and their kin.

Make sure your virus checker is up to date.

Recall the Challenger O rings and their fate.

Update and patch your computer’s OS.

I shouldn’t expect anything less.

Did I affect your comfort zone?

Good, then don’t be like the drones.

The world has changed in so many ways.

Hope there will be a safe world for kids to stay.

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Rhymer commented on Our Biggest Threat


The only safe computer is the stand alone, one off the grid. Regardless of the virus and spy ware protections available they can be defeated. I'm afraid the country has sold its soul to the computer, kill the computer and you create chaos. Not so bad to be a third world country at times.



You know how we were so naive before 911. The same could happen with computer viruses and worms. Yes, we have become dependent on computers, but we must protect our systems. Hopefully we can defend our power grids and such from an attack. -I wrote this after taking a class in cyber threats. -thanks for the comment.

cheronld commented on Our Biggest Threat


What is so good about this write....is also what is sad about it....it seems that we have not come very far from the experiences so long ago....it almost seems as if we have come full circle....both an eye opener and a sobering thought...nicley done my friend....Cher



I haven't read this in a while. Yes, it is sad that it could happen if we are not on top of it. Thanks for the comment.

Pulci commented on Our Biggest Threat


that is deep. I never thought of our world like that. It kinda scares me but it makes me wanna do some good for the people i love

SavVySam commented on Our Biggest Threat


Very poignant and timely write of caution and precautionary steps to take! We hear you loud and clear! Thanks for the important share!

Marsink commented on Our Biggest Threat


Like a big infrastructure chess game in which if we are not vigilant, we can be checkmated in one move on the cyber frontier. Never hurts to have lots of water food and toiletries, along with wind up flashlights and the good Book to get one through the last daze. Great eye-opening write!

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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