Our Daydream Dance


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    Our Daydream Dance

    Our Daydream Dance

    My best friend danced with me in my dreams last night, and today as I wake we will walk side by side - soul to soul.


    I will ask her to take my hand and to dance with me in the daylight.


    The music will play in our hearts and as we touch nothing else will matter, the world around us will fade away - our steps will float as we leave the floor.


    Then the love that we share will lift our souls to unimaginable heights of ecstasy.


    Each move will hold our united embrace as if choreographed to perfection, for in our night dreams this dance has been practiced endlessly.


    She is my partner for life, and as I look into her eyes her spirit beckons me to take the lead.


    As I hold her by the waist, I caress her body into new positions.


    Our passion becomes our guide as we lose complete control.


    The waltz is set into motion playing out to our own unique rhythm.


    There is no conclusion to our creation of romance - a dance that will never end.


    Let our destiny be; not to ever wake from this day-dream dance.

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    knight4696 commented on Our Daydream Dance


    Soul ... A very romantic write indeed. I've danced this dance before .. but it was short lived .. I will dance again as I love to dance! Just got to find the right partner to glide with. Love this write pal! :) Ken



    Dancing is spiritual, is exciting, great exercise for many reasons and with the right partner - well, it just is amazing. Soul

    mamasan commented on Our Daydream Dance


    Wow, your writing is great. I see a 'day-dream dance' evolving to 'destiny's dance' at its best; please don't forget to light a candle to these special intentions. Surely, the choreography was done by special romance angels; testimony to your special writing talent. Amen



    Your comments and compliments are humbly appreciated in a big way. Thank you and I look forward to reading your writings.

    danmartyjake1 commented on Our Daydream Dance


    Change the spelling of waste to waist, it will be better for sure, but the sense of your words is exhilerating!



    RRRRR - darn it, I so thought that I had corrected that grammatical error - thank you for your comments!

    harmony74 commented on Our Daydream Dance


    Certainly painted a beautiful picture! Nicely articulated : )



    So pleased that you loved the dance... thank you!

    NenaT commented on Our Daydream Dance


    This is lovely...slow, lush, dreamy. Very, very well done....



    Thank you for sharing the dance and for your kind comments.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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