Our Forefathers


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This is a poem dedicated to our forefathers, our elders, our grand parents etc

Our Forefathers

History is about our forefathers
We have all forgotten
They worked this land with their hands
or a few tools they made 
To have a better way for their
families to eat the next day
They must be in the fields at first light 
You see the work must be done by dark
They went to bed early every night
They were tired and hungry
They ate their dinner by candle light
The food was grown every year and
They raised their meat to eat
If they were lucky by fall of the year
they ordered something from sears
to wear
They were close back then neighbors
were their friends
They helped each other plant the crops
The women were close
They had precious bonds together
Like helping each other with the birth
of their children
No Dr. was needed they had each other

Each elderly person of today is an
inspiration to me
They worked hard for us to know the
meaning of work and pride
We need to know
What a history lesson they have left
us to read about today


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Rhymer commented on Our Forefathers


Armymom, your name suits you well for an army mom knows all to well the sacrfifice you and others past have made for this country. 10 for reminding us.

pfr717 commented on Our Forefathers


Cindy; You are definitely "old school" with an old spirit beyond your years. Anyone thoughtful enough (these days) to pay tribute to our founding fathers must also have a very giving and caring spirit. It is indeed a very good poem, gives cause for reflection. Paris

ginga commented on Our Forefathers


armymom, This is such a relevant poem of our forefathers. I often think where would we be today without there wisdom passed down and all their hard labor and sacrifices. You have written such a poignant poem of gratitude showing your appreciation for them. ginga



Thank you for your kind words and I love your poems as well

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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