Our Life


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  • Well everyone, three weeks and Im gonna be the father of a baby boy. Words cant describe how excited I am. Also a little scared. Ive posted a song that Im workin on let me know how you like it.

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I wrote this during my second tour to Iraq. At the time there was a lot of protesting going on, I had a lot of pent up anger, aggrssion towards the people who simply could'nt understand, what its like for us as soldiers.

Our Life


You wake up every morning in a place you dont want to be,

pursuing a goal that no one understands and few appreciate.

Most of your days are spent thinking of reasons to continue and

ways to defend yourself against the onslaught of protesters and the media.

All they see, know and care about is the negative.

They search for reasons to condemn you,

while blindly abusing the rights and priveliges that you fight for.

The only true believers are the ones who have been there, past and present.

The only alies you have against a nightmare that not only haunts your sleep,

but your waking hours as well.

The beast you fight on a daily basis is much larger than anyone knows

and seems more invincible as time goes by.

Every day, more lives are lost to a cause that seems unworthy to most.

All you can do is pray for their souls and hope your not the next to die.

Some days you regret what you do.

Some days your so filled with pride its unbearable.

Thoughts and emotions tear you apart on the inside.

Outside, you show none of this. You have no weakness.

The uniform you wear is the mask that protects your identity,

like a new-age superman, and death is your only kryptonite.

This is my life. This is our life, the life of a soldier.





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1990lh commented on Our Life


wow beautiful once again i love how your words are so vivid that it visualize everything u write about, oh and let me say TANK YOU! i know what its like to fight for my life and family and to struggle and feel like everyone is against u, but i dont know what its like to fight for millions of ppl lives ppl u dont evenknow and to have them look apond u with distain and reject and criticize all your efforts to mke things better for them. excellent write. 10 from me becuz of the profound message . THANK YOU

Crush commented on Our Life


i am torn with my thoughts on war and the military, i will admit that first. i have my issues with it. however, i do respect the men and women who truly believe in what they do. so very honourable. this poem is a statement/ poem and is quite sympathetic towards the military and takes the reader into a place that ( if you don't have military in your family ) cannot really understand. i honestly love this piece in it's bravery and simple honest, down to earth and REAL story. you have told the story for many families and for that kind of execution and presentation, i am giving you a big giant 10 and thanks for showing me this other side.



Thank you for reading my work and the kind words. If i can help one person understand a little more then I consider my writing a sucess.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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