Our Path to the Future


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    Our Path to the Future

    As we look into our future
    What comes to pass
    Is it for the best
    Or does destruction mark our path

    This future that we see
    Do we want that knowledge
    For if it is catastrophic
    What can we do to stop it

    For what can we change
    If everything is predetermined
    Will we accept this knowledge
    Or will we fight against it

    Or will we let insanity take us
    And thrive on the chaos
    But this chaos will lead us astray
    And the darkness of our future will be set to pass

    But we should not give in and lose our hope
    For we are human, and we where made to be inconceivable
    No matter what it is, even God himself,
    We can overcome, and we can rise above

    For if this God created us,
    His mistake was made
    For creation itself carries its own seeds of destruction
    And nothing can escape this inevitable cycle

    For our future is no one else’s
    We decide what we shall do
    And we will not be overtaken
    But instead start anew

    We are humans,
    And with that comes pride
    For the future is ours to make
    And our hope and courage will be the foundation

    So I say,

    Let us live,
    Let us thrive,
    Let us dive into our own creation
    So that we may live on high.

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    Charlie23 commented on Our Path to the Future


    Another great write, Nakqu! Your skill really shines in this poem!

    BlackKnightOS commented on Our Path to the Future


    Very good, once again you have written a good poem. Do not stop, you seem to be very good at expressing what is on your mind through your poetry.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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