Our Service Men and Women


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Written in memory for all who have served in the past. For all who are serving presently and for any that choose to serve in the future. All of you are greatly appreciated. Hopefully there will come a day when all we know is peace.

Our Service Men and Women


Our Service men and women are not
Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or other.
The color of their skin matters not.
When one is called by his or her comrades,
they respond without thought to the above mentioned things.
They are what their name states,
Men and women that choose to serve.

They did not come from the North, South, East or West.
They come from everywhere.
Not my town or your town.
My state or your state.
They come from within OUR Country.

Our armed forces are tough and strong.
compassionate, loving and
brave beyond our comprehension.

They are leaders and followers.
They do what is needed when it is needed.
Their weapons are not used blindly.
They're not used un-nessasaryily.
Weapons are used when there is no other choice.

They use them without hesitation.
Hesitation could mean death.
Death to themselves and those around them.

They not only protect each other,
but they also protect the innocent.
The young, the old, the men, the woman
and yes the children.

Death of the innocent is something they
never want to have to deal with.
Sadly, sometimes it happens.

The children of this country and others.
Children caught in the middle.
Children that did not choose to be where they are,

but they are there just the same.

They are lonely and tired.
Sometimes they feel scared,
but they do their jobs just the same.

Their goal always in sight.

To help others and to release them from their fright.

Our Service men and Service women are....
Amazing and they are greatly appreciated.
They are more special then they realize.
So to each and everyone,
I say THANK YOU for everything you have done!




11/11/2010 The 19th anniversary of my Fathers passing.

With love from Beth Applegate


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WordSlinger commented on Our Service Men and Women


Nice, a big round of applause please, Salute...................................ty WS



Thank you for reading. I am glad that you liked it. I feel it is important for all of us to remember what they all sacrificed for our safety.

lonewolf commented on Our Service Men and Women


On behalf of all the service men and women.... I say thank you for showing your appreciation.



Thank you for serving our country. You and your comrades are AMAZING!!! Where would we be without all of you.

mustascheman commented on Our Service Men and Women


So true....great tribute....clearly written from the heart.



Thank you very much. I always try to write from the heart. What is the sense if you don't?

angelchaser commented on Our Service Men and Women


A fantastic tribute to our armed forces:) Great write and a perfect day for it, too.



Thank you very much. I wanted them to know that they are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read and rate. Very kind of you.

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