Out of the Darkness


Poem Commentary

This poem was not intended to be dark but rather to draw attention to man's inhumanity as evidenced by the recent senseless murder of a young man in Chicago and the senseless gang rape of a fifteen year old girl in Richmond, CA.
It would appear to me that their comes a time when we must look upon those that commit such heinous crimes as being unsalvageable.  

Out of the Darkness

O spurious clouds on high

do not attempt to deceive me

by blocking out the sun’s light as I

seek a path out of the darkness.


The barriers are many and my

will is weakened by the

 shallowness of a world

 that has lost its way.


The depths of my despair

are like a cavernous abyss

that would devour me

should I remain in this place.


To journey to the light

is my only hope of salvation

least I perish in this land that

 has gone mad before my eyes.


The beauty that would be

is shrouded in a glaucous mist    

of inhumanity and uncaring

that thickens by the hour.


Must I dwell in this satanic realm

and act as witness to horrific

acts by those that call themselves

humans while acting as beasts?


It would seem that the reptilian part

 of man’s brain remains dominant

as he murders and rapes simply

for his own personal edification.


Has the munificentcy of mankind

vanished entirely as struggles for supremacy

  in every aspect of life cannibalize

 the minds of once reasonable men?


As natant birds that hunker in their

 nests to escape the storm

I feel that I have been cast adrift in a

 sea of madness from which there is no escape.


The light grows dimmer as I wrap the watery blanket

around me and disappear beneath its surface with the

 hope that it will provide my passage back to the light.

And the once ominous clouds disappear from view.


©Copyright Charlie Gragg Oct. 29, 2009   

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Artie commented on Out of the Darkness


This is one of my new favorites. Everything you say in this remarkable piece, many of us have felt before. It's difficult to not want to strike back in vengeance at those who would commit such acts. It's even more difficult to sit back and do nothing more than hope the system takes care of it. Either way, you are forever changed from it. The thing I fear most, is becoming the monster you hunt. 10 from me



Your comments reflect that you are as infuriated as I am with the seemingly uncaring world we live in. Peace.

mamasan commented on Out of the Darkness


Yes, there is no possible reason or explanation for these heinous crimes; but we must enter that darkness and ask whether it is a reflection of society at its worse. Killing has become so commonplace in this realm as witnessed by the many wars raging and brought to our t.v. each day and not as a reason for these crimes but the adage comes to mind: Violence begets violence............



Thank you for your comments.

SinnerSaint commented on Out of the Darkness


Bob Dylan said, I was born here and I'll Die here, Against my will, it looks like I'm moving, but I'm standing still. This poem reminds of those words and the very detail of the despair that comes with living in this lost world. Knowing we must live here, and that here we will die. Against any of our wills. Enjoyed this poem very much and appreciate the comments you made on mine.



Thank you for reading and commenting.

devaamido commented on Out of the Darkness


Excellent Hampton!! This one is in my opinion, one of your very best...technically & structurally sound & straight from the heart. You're on a roll, my friend!



I must have had one too many glasses of red wine. Thanks for the nice comments.

dahlusion commented on Out of the Darkness


"Must I dwell in this satanic realm and act as witness to horrific acts by those that call themselves humans while acting as beasts?" — this is unsheathed poetic power, this piece speaks to all who understand that humans are not God's spiritually triumphant creatures. Dark, perfectly dark, honest, and visionary.



Thank you for your kind comments. The write was a special one for me as it provided an outlet for my anger and repulsion.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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