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This just came to me last night after coming home from work.  Sitting outside on the trunk of my car staring up and the starlit sky outside of my rural home I noticed two lights that seemed to be moving in opposite directions-most likely a plane-but opposite directions nonetheless.  A poem began forming in my head and in order to retain the words forming in my head I put it on my phone.  I forgot about the poem until now and have recently done some additions to it and a little bit of editing and for a work of such a short time I believe it has come out well.


Two lights moving parallel across the galaxy
Where the possibility of meeting is nil
An essentially sad concept
For such lonely lights
Moving across the evening sky
Can you believe they will never meet?
And suppose if they did meet
Along some axis along their starry way
If they were meant to be
Imagine what could happen if they could
Suppose the galaxy is turned upside-down
And that puts things right-side up for once
For the galaxy shall keep on spinning
Whether or not they shall ever meet

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spbsdude commented on Parallel


I've read this for the second time just now and it has tremendous meaning. I see the lights as two people who will never meet, but because of the nature of the universe that all things are connected, they have already met in the cosmos. Great write.

wilbert1 commented on Parallel


I'm sorry that I just got to your poem but really glad I did it has much meaning to me it placed me away from everything else and it all came right on time thank you for helping me get away from my troubles keep up the great work thanks...

themommyof2 commented on Parallel


Interesting way to look at things so far away. It makes you think about the people in the world that you may be parallel with, what if you turned their way????

WordChallenged commented on Parallel


I absolutely love this poem for the overall meaning and moral of the story. Its truly inspiring to me, because i feel i can relate to the poem! It's a little different from my style but none the less effective.

chandalier commented on Parallel


fairly nice metaphorthat youkept going throughout the poem, Im not real good at judging poem that dont rhyme, its written well nad the words go nicely together

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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