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    Passing Thoughts

    Now, many an hour i've wondered and thought
    But my mind travels to and frow lazily
    For many a year, my efforts were all for naught
    But with focus the answer came to me easily
    What is love again?
    Oh, not needing to make amends
    If love were leaves on a tree, falling without reason
    And deeply you believe
    Then true love you achieve
    They never go, returning again with each passing season

    Now, many a day lonely in my life I did spend
    Be it so rightly or wrongfully
    I would gladly let time slip away through my hands
    To hold you in my arms embrace, eternally
    Our lonely days lay
    Now faded away
    Our sadness drips to form a pool in the grass
    As the wind bells chime
    With the crickets in time
    We see our reflection, in the sad waters glass

    Now, all of the money in my life I have spent
    I did so careless and mindlessly
    But all of the money in my life I will earn
    I will do so, with you in my thoughts, lovingly
    Your Beauty transcends
    What this mind can comprehend
    Your hearts capacity to console
    Brightens the darkest of days
    Upon friends who lay sprawl in pain
    The beauty of which I utter, radiates from your soul

    Now, of all of the people in my life whom I have met
    You're the first to stop my suffering from worsen
    All of the trials and tribulations you've made me forget
    You are such an endearing and wonderful person
    Circumstance left me mired
    Your loves light has transpired
    Guiding my way through the mud in which I was stuck
    You extend to me your hand
    Our bodies disband into sand
    On the winds back, our love will frolic and run amuck

    Now, all the miles on lifes road stretched out before me
    Is accompanied these days by beautiful wild flowers
    It didnt take me long this time, before my minds eye could see
    The road was no longer mine, but 'twas ours
    Your hand in mine like a glove
    Navigated we are by love
    As we walk together hand in hand through the miles
    We'll keep our feet in the lines
    And our eyes on the signs
    Our days will be filled with belly laughs and smiles

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    TinaD commented on Passing Thoughts


    A very enjoyable love poem...........................Keep on writing.

    ApaqRasgirl commented on Passing Thoughts


    that was great dear, this one flowed so smooth, like pouring water from a pitcher, you put a unique twist in the order of rhyming with this one that made it flow so have so much passion in your words,,,,,,,,loved it........wish I could give more then a 10, but alas that is all we are allowed........loves ya dear friend.......asha

    Maleficent commented on Passing Thoughts


    I love the fluidity of this piece... dreamlike unconditional love flowing from one line to the next... write on! ;)



    Thanks so much Mal, I am glad you liked this one. I just wrote this one night literally as just passing thoughts, but many have enjoyed it more than I ever expected. I suppose the honesty in the words rings through and people can sense and appreciate honesty. Thanks for your kind words, I have been away from the site for awhile, but plan on getting back into the swing of things once again. Peace and Love, Spence

    DrewMcNee commented on Passing Thoughts


    Hold tight the future's bright gift of time yet unseen, stroll forth the paths and smile and meld into this dream. Drew.

    carynontherhine commented on Passing Thoughts


    OMG! Is this poem wonderful. I just realized that some of us are just natural at this and that is you. I feel as though this love lives away yet there is really no distance as you and your love are one. I just loved this one so much.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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