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    Poem Commentary

    sorry for stealing your profile picture Frog but as a fellow poet I hoped you wouldn't mind :D this little creature is exactly what I have in the swamp that borders my property and they're in there by the hundreds but can't be spotted. the racket they make each spring lobbying for booty is a riot.


    Massive legions claim the night,
    from dusk till dawn till morning light.
    Outside my door and weathered walls,
    the summoned roar and trumpet calls
    of creatures’ spawn to grow one inch,
    yet blast love calls that make us flinch.
    Before I die and meet the Reaper,
    grant me the chance to spot one Peeper.

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    Chaos128 commented on Peepers


    Hey, frogs need love too ha ha... An entertaining epigram.

    LenaMP commented on Peepers


    Brings shuddering memories of Florida in the summer back to haunt me! You couldn't walk without stepping on the little things. Stuck to walls, screen doors, everywhere. Like a Hitchock movie. I love how you have such a grasp on life to see beyond the everyday things in life and breath poetry into them. Nicely written.

    KtIrish commented on Peepers


    Very clever. Its humerous and fun. Bravo once again.

    Tempestlady commented on Peepers


    They serenade us every night here in my nesting woods. The crickets, the peepers, the cicada, and owls. A good modern piece. Wrte on.....

    M4n1s commented on Peepers


    Love frogs. Love your words. Love imagining their choir after the rain back home in East Java, Indonesia.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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