• JonTalbain
  • Didn't I tell you, what I believe... Did somebody say that....that love like that won't last? Didn't I give you all that I got to, give baby?






So many days, so many hours

That I lie awake

The moments pass like a slow burning candle

Dreams recurring,

Like stills from the ancient reels


Lying helpless….


So many moments, I remember

The Kisses, the heated lovemaking

The fervid discourse unwinding to delirium


Bout to lose my mind…


Never, ever wanting to lose nor let loose,

This scintillating thought, the titilating passion

Lying Broken… Destrooyed in a mere instant

The vision, the dream

The freedom to love with abandon

Drunken with pleasure and doubled over

Like an addict, the high stolen

Left in the middle of these four walls


Baby, I cant fathom life without you by myside…


Tears falling in the wind

Like blessed raindrops

Clutching to my ridiculous dreams now

I feel im a child, lost and afraid

My soul is shaken as if it’s the bowels of hell

Wishing we could just move to love like we used to do

Knowing it can never be so easy like it used to be


…said I love you, Baby


Contemplating the way to perdition,

And the road traveled, vast and alone

And though I walk now, alone, in truth

I’m dying slowly, the rum and vodka eating the flesh

While losing you, my soul


…And I cant seem to break free

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AlainMR commented on Perdition


I had some difficulties to express my admiration for this poem and reading the comment of jade, I understand : I like the rupture of rythmes. It is a form I would like to use in my own production and your poem is a very nice example for me. Thank you very much for this lesson, lol.

poett commented on Perdition


Very passionate with full emotions that made me feel sad about someone going through such turmoil inside them. Hugs

jademelissa74 commented on Perdition


Passionate! Truthful! Raw! I like the explosive expressions.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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