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    Pets by our Side

    Pets by our Side


    In my life I’ve had kitties, dogs, and bunnies.

    Family members can’t be bought with cold, hard money.

    They come into our lives and stay by our side.

    Our love we give them by opening our hearts wide.


    We pet them and care for their every need.

    They don’t want much, every morning we feed.

    To them we are great, like gods we all be.

    We have given them all they want and see.


    How they look at us with love as only they can.

    Don’t have the heart to tell them I am only a man.

    I can’t snap my fingers and make my pets well.

    Stop their aging won’t work by casting a spell.


    Buster, my Beagle, love for him will not wane.

    I came home one day to find my pooch in pain.

    Watched my Buster Brown take his very last breath.

    He was loyal, for him I know I was blessed.

    For the time he was here we shall all be glad.

    Think of good things we did so not to be sad.


    Time on this planet is short for us all.

    For animals we love both big and small.

    Love your pets while you have them, hold them close.

    There will come a sad day, they’ll leave their post.


    Written for Jazzy Jasmine the kitty,

    By Oblaidon, June 2009


    In memory of:

    Buster Brown, Keisha, Rocky, Sammy, Smokey, Cinder, Snoopy, Butch, Duchess, Tigger, Liquorice, and Jazzy.

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    Marsink commented on Pets by our Side


    You are on the mark with the role that pets play in the lives of those who have them: faithful without question, and a stroke of love is all they want. Very touching, Sir.

    Kaleidoscope commented on Pets by our Side


    Very nice...I love animals also; Dogs are my favorite ...DOG= spelled backwards=GOD!!! Can't go wrong with these loyal loving creations.Very nice writing

    lucindaclaire commented on Pets by our Side


    Love it!!!! I have had many other pets as well including African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Russian tortoises, A Rainbow Lory, And about 95 bull frog tadpoles. When the tadpoles turned into frogs they began hopping all over the house. It was quite fun. Thanks for your grand write. From another pet freak, Lucindaclaire

    connsk8 commented on Pets by our Side


    Written out of love, pets do make the best people sometimes and I don't know what I would do without mine...after everyone else has gone home, they are the ones always there for me, you have captured their "hearts"...

    kmooney commented on Pets by our Side


    Very heartfelt my friend. Loved the sentiment. Good write. I have certainly had my share of heartbreak with pets. My best friend Nugget was a Husky/Collie mix that I had from the time he was born. He was the best dog. Brown and white, looked just like a chicken McNugget my mom said, hence the name. My poem The Frisbee Catching Dog is dedicated to his memory. He loved his frisbees. Great write. I am sure Jazzy is curled up at the Lords feet right now. Thanks for sharing... Kevin

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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