Pieces Of Diety


Pieces Of Diety

Walking softly in this time & place
Which seems to wipe the smile right from my face
I have come to where I believe I understand
That the perceptions I hold are fully at my command
If I choose to be blue in the face of pain
It is in this perception of hell I have chosen to remain
I now see that the memories of my personal past
Can no longer conform to the molds from which they were cast
Each time I relive them & allow "ME" to feel
I create them a reality and make them more real
But if I embrace them & the lessons they've taught
If not by their emotions am I now caught
I will grow, enlighten & transform
I will move well beyond the accepted norm
And I will evolve into who I am destined to be
A man, an individual; a part of Diety.
by Justin Eaglefeather

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dancinghawk commented on Pieces Of Diety


i luv this piece ... clarity on how we carry our stories, create our stories ... beautifully said ... i have one proofreading suggestion ... which i almost never make, but it's an easy fix ... unless it was intentional, which i don't get from the sense of the poem ... "deity" instead of "diety" ... thx for your words and your beautiful heart!

stellar commented on Pieces Of Diety


love this...i sense that u are a nonconformist as so am i...this poem gives me the strength to face my true destiny with courage..thanks

MsVee commented on Pieces Of Diety


It really moved me to remember what made me blue and how I got over it, and what I learned from it, I appreciate what you wrote here!!!

blindmaster commented on Pieces Of Diety


That is a interesting concept! We all are creations from the creator a part of diety! Very well put

lightcourier commented on Pieces Of Diety


"Choosing to be blue in the face of pain" Like that stoic line, echos of epictetus. Nice work1 Thanks!

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